Thursday, October 29, 2009

It's my Birthday!

Today is my birthday, I turned the big 1! Can you believe how much I've grown in the past year? This is a picture of me before I went to live with my Momma and Daddy:

(Picture courtesy of K. Chase)

Today Grammy & Grampy came to visit and we had a birthday party.

What else but Scooby Doo!
We had dinner (hamburgers on the grill.....yummm). Then I got to open my presents:


More Treats!


And I got to eat my very own cake Momma made. It was a whole wheat flour and honey cake with peanut butter/flour frosting. Yummy!
Well just a piece.....
I love birthdays, but that was a lot of excitement and I am so tired.... But i still want to play with my new toys....

Weekly Weigh In

Age: 51 1/2 weeks
Weight: 130 lbs
Height: 34 1/2"

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Somebody has been sleeping in my Bed!

So, someone has been sleeping in my bed. I know cause it's dented in and it smells funny. I figured I'd ask kitty sister Ellie if she knew anything about it. I've caught her sleeping in my crate before so she is the most likely culprit.

"Nope, not me - I promise. I've been sleeping in Dad's chair -- see "

It's highly unlikely but I checked with my other sister Shelby.
But, she can't escape her tank so it can't be her.

I've been watching carefully and I finally caught them red handed. The evil kitty brothers!
They know that bed isn't theirs but they could care less. Hmph...

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Weekly Weigh In Weeks 49 & 50

Age: 49 1/2 weeks
Weight: 128 lbs
Height: 34 1/2"

Age: 50 1/2 weeks
Weight: 129 lbs
Height: 34 1/2"

Monday, October 19, 2009

Passing on an Award

I wanted to pass on my award to two of my newest friends:
and Truck

They are both young Danes like me and you can follow them to see how fast they grow too!

This award was given to me Shiloh & Chelsea and I am suppose to pass it on to 5 bloggie friends!
So although they probably have the award already I would still like to pass this award on to
and Gus & Waldo they deserve it!

I really think all the doggie blogs I visit are fantastic but I was only suppose to give this award to 5 other doggies. If the award recipients would like they can pass this award on to 5 friends as well.

Monday, October 12, 2009

My First Vacation

This weekend I went on my first Vacation. I didn't know what was going on at first because when Momma and Dad came back from work on Friday instead of doing our normal stuff they packed up the car with lots of stuff and then they packed up my bed! I got a little nervous and I made sure I got packed into the car too! We rode in the car for awhile, it got dark, and then we arrived at this cabin in the woods. Guess who was there! Diesel! I was so excited, it was late but since I slept in the car we played bitey face for awhile before I had to go to bed. Oh, my other family hoomans were there too, but I only really cared about seeing Diesel.
The next morning we went for a walk to the lake.
The Hoomans had difficulties keeping up.

The water was cold, but we didn't mind.
After our walk I got back in the car and we traveled down a bumpy dirt road to a river.

At the river the hoomans went gold panning. I guess they just put dirt in a bowl and look for something shiny. And they get grumpy when you drink out of their bowls. Whatever.

I did a little doggie gold panning of my own. Ooooh... something shiny! It's gotta be ......
Yup, a stick - doggie gold!
At the end of the day we went back to the cabin. I slept because I was so tired from looking for gold in the river.

On Sunday we headed home and stopped at a Corn Maze. All it is is corn, corn everywhere. I couldn't see where I was going and Momma and Dad let me make decisions on which way to turn. I didn't pick the right directions and we had to ask for help to get out.

I slept the rest of the way home. My first vacation was fun, but I do love my couch. Maybe next time Momma and Dad will bring my couch with us, that would be great!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Mr. Darcy

My condolences to Mr. Darcy's hoomans. Mr. Darcy was a strong Dane who we will miss terribly. Run free Mr. Darcy.

Monday, October 5, 2009

My Doggie Weekend & my first award!

I had a great weekend and I am exhausted! On Saturday I participated in a local Parade fundraiser for our animal shelter. My best Friend Diesel and I were a team and along with our humans we raised $285! That is a lot of squeaky toys! This was important fundraiser for us because Diesel was adopted from this shelter. He is 5 now, but before he was 2 he was returned to the shelter twice because he was too big and had too much energy. Um, yeah some of us doggies are big and puppies have energy, duh. We met lots of cool doggies since there were over 150 dogs participating in the fundraiser and overall the shelter raised $30,000! Isn't that so cool? Here are some pictures from Saturday:

Diesel and I ready to walk & walking:

Our walking buddies, aren't they pawesome?
On Sunday I went to a local Canine Fair and met more doggies. This fair had vendors and demonstrations. Momma entered me in the photo contest too, but they haven't called us so I guess I didn't win any prizes :( But, momma bought me a new tug toy and bully sticks, so I'm happy.
The real exciting news is that I gave an interview for the local news station. Since the video is replaced every day Momma took some snapshots of my 3 seconds of fame. This is what I had to say:

I guess in the world of Fame and celebrities you only have a small window to express your opinions and introduce yourself. Momma says my 3 seconds fits me perfectly.

And, to top it all off I have received my first blog award from my new friends Shiloh & Chelsea! Thank you so much! I'm going to pass on my award soon.
One last thing: Please visit my bloggie friend Mr. Darcy. He needs all the best wishes possible during his difficult time.

Weekly Weigh In

Age: 48 1/2 weeks
Weight: 128 lbs
Height: 34 1/2"