Monday, October 5, 2009

My Doggie Weekend & my first award!

I had a great weekend and I am exhausted! On Saturday I participated in a local Parade fundraiser for our animal shelter. My best Friend Diesel and I were a team and along with our humans we raised $285! That is a lot of squeaky toys! This was important fundraiser for us because Diesel was adopted from this shelter. He is 5 now, but before he was 2 he was returned to the shelter twice because he was too big and had too much energy. Um, yeah some of us doggies are big and puppies have energy, duh. We met lots of cool doggies since there were over 150 dogs participating in the fundraiser and overall the shelter raised $30,000! Isn't that so cool? Here are some pictures from Saturday:

Diesel and I ready to walk & walking:

Our walking buddies, aren't they pawesome?
On Sunday I went to a local Canine Fair and met more doggies. This fair had vendors and demonstrations. Momma entered me in the photo contest too, but they haven't called us so I guess I didn't win any prizes :( But, momma bought me a new tug toy and bully sticks, so I'm happy.
The real exciting news is that I gave an interview for the local news station. Since the video is replaced every day Momma took some snapshots of my 3 seconds of fame. This is what I had to say:

I guess in the world of Fame and celebrities you only have a small window to express your opinions and introduce yourself. Momma says my 3 seconds fits me perfectly.

And, to top it all off I have received my first blog award from my new friends Shiloh & Chelsea! Thank you so much! I'm going to pass on my award soon.
One last thing: Please visit my bloggie friend Mr. Darcy. He needs all the best wishes possible during his difficult time.

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  1. Oh Tucker - I wish I could have seen the video!! How awesome that you & your friend raised so much money for shelter dogs!

    Honey the Great Dane