Tuesday, February 21, 2012

You've got Mail

Okays I gots mail!  I already gots my super prize from Frankie, Ernie, and Sarge for Mango Minster.
 My package arrived address to me and only me.  - Can I opens it now?
 Oh smells good!
 After tearing at the paper I smelled homemade cookies (notice the paper still stucks to my lips)..... open up!
 Oh what is dis?  Could it be Frankie Furter and Ernie!  Well, parts of dem at least.
 Hmm.... Frankie doesn't really smell like hot-dogs.  That is quite confusing....
Ernie doesn't have as many furs yet and I almost lost the sample up my nose, BOL!
 And MANGO lip balm for...
 My lips!  Oh maybe that was for Momma.....
 Anyways the hoomans tortured me wif photos with my cookie jar.. (no snowmen on the jar i promise) 
 And wif my T cookies.....
 Then finally I gots to try dem....
 Delish!!!  Thank you Frankie, Ernie, and Sarge.  And thank you to Mango for the funtastic event.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Totally Random Crap

So first off in seriousness I is very excited about my Second place finish in the Adventure Animals Category of Mango Minster, I is so very honored.  Thank you.

Now onto the random crap: 
Secondly this picture is for Puddles because I think she sneaked this into my valentines day candy and I wanted her to know is found it and it wasn't funny.  She should keep her boogies to herself.
 Let me biggify....

Speaking of biggified, I was chattin' wif Momma and I was asking her why sometime little doggies gets scared of me when I hovers over them.  So Momma tooks some photos to explain it to me.
Holy Crap look at how big my lips are!!
And I looks like an old man, no wonders I scare the little pups sometimes.... geesh

Oh and lastly look at the awesome drool wall art i made this week:

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I is going to the PAWTY wif Bella

Oh Boy, it's Valentines Day and I gots to get ready to go to the Dance wif Bella.

First I had to gets all clean and Handsome......

Then the Limo was coming to pick me up...

Um... Vader what do you mean you ordered the wrong transportation?  

Um  --- Reason #982 not to trust a CAT! ..... Oh well, it will be a snug fit, but hopefully Bella won't mind
I picked Bella up looking lovely as evers..
She had to sit in the back of the smart car.
We went out for our favorite dinner - 2 double cheeseburgers - hold the pickles please.
Then we arrived at the dance to see our friends and to start dancing!

Did you make it to the PAWTY?

Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Barkery wif Bambi

Last weekend my Grammy and Grampy were watching cousin Bambi while his papa was at the SuperBowl.  So I had the hoomans steal him and we went on an adventure.  Bambi lives in Vermont, so he doesn't have a Barkery or an Ocean.  We were going to do beach walkies but it ended up being just too cold.  So we did just the Barkery and walked the sidewalks.  
Bambi & gots sleepy on the way there and back...
The Barkery has lots of other stuffs, like puzzles, toys, foodables, and the nice ladies that feeds you free samples.
Bambi was exploring the shop on his own.
I enjoyed the free samples.
We had to pick something out of the bakery case.

Bambi gots a "Springer Special"
I gots my favorite a Peanut butter turnover.  Yumm. I loves the Barkery.
Bambi was very tired from the adventure.  I guess he did a lot of steps to keep up wif me on the walky. 

Monday, February 6, 2012

Doggie Foodable Tote Bags Tucker's How to Guide

Momma reuses our foodable bags by making totes out of dem.
Pretty cool, huh?  Well you can do it too, you just need a sewing machine.
Step1: Eat all your foodables (dis is the really easy part)

Step 2: Cut the bag, either trim the top or the bottom, or both.  Cut enough off so that you will have enough to make handles.

Step 3: Cut bag on the sides so you have two equal pieces.  

Step 4: Wash the bag, Momma just uses a dishcloth and dish soap but it depends on the type of bag you have what you can use.
Step 5: Face the two colorful sides together and sew the edges together.  

Step 6: Cut squares out of the bottom corners (Momma did a 5 inch square on this one but it depends on your bag size.  This bag is a 30lb bag)
 Step 7: Then sew the bottom piece together it will look like this when you stand it on it's non-sewed end
Step 8: Sew the following edges together (marked by color)
Step 9: Carefully turn the bag right side out.  
Step 10: Fold the open part in on itself and sew a nice edge.

Step 10: The extra pieces can be cut and sewed to make handles.  Attach the Handles to bag.
 Ta Da!

It takes a little practice and they don't always come out perfect.  But, if it all fails you'll just need to eat another bag of foodables so the hoomans can try again!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Go Pats!!!

Uncle T is a hooge fan and  is at the game today, I sure hope the Pat's win!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Dad's Pizza Pillow

So Dad gots this Pizza pillow for Christmas and he puts it on my Futon. 
Well one day the hoomans came home from work and the pillow was in the bed room.  Someone must have moved it.

 Also, the do not remove by penalty of law tag was removed.  Who would do such a thing?  
Momma asked me who did it.
Does this face look guilty to you?

 But, dis one does!!!!
It be Vader I swears....