Sunday, February 9, 2014

An Update on us

I know I hasn't been around in forevers but it's not really my fault.  It's my turd of a brother Tyson.  See he's not a good little sweetheart puppy like I was.  He's got tons of energies and is a lot of work for me and the hoomans.  

I hurted my knee a little (yep again, the opposite one this time....) after Christmas so I am limited to walkies and only tug with Tyson.  I'm not allowed to run outsides with him or do zoomies for awhile.  poo.  Don't worries though the doc says my cruciate ligament  isn't torn this time, just arthritis is my knees. It's rough now that I'm considered a Senior dog.  However, I will do zoomies when given the chance - so Momma says that's a sign that I feel fine.  Plus i can lift my good leg and stand on my hurted one to pee :)

Anyway the little turd is growing up and we are all spending lots of time training him (Momma says I'm the best big brother a dog could ask for!!) Tyson is going to be a good boy too he just requires loads of attention and he has tons of energies (like serious lab energies in a mastiff body). He's 7 months now and 125lbs.  He'll be catching up to me soon, I is 155lbs.

We've been going on adventures again when the weather is warm enough and I is excited to take Tyson on his first hike.

Oh yeah and Vader and Rugen are fine too. Tyson is learning that they are not for chasing.