Sunday, May 6, 2018

Not so good news from the Tucker

Hello All -
The Tucker man is still around.  I am happy but I need to let my friends know that I have been diagnosed with bone cancer. This is news that nobody wants to hear and it breaks my Family's heart.  I am 9 1/2 and as a 180lb Great Dane I am still around. That is a blessing, but cancer is a terrible curse.  It is my right front leg and we cannot amputate.  I am too arthritic to support my body weight in the front with a single leg. 

I have had a very good year.  Lots of adventures and fun with my brudder Tyson.  Cuddles with my momma and games of tug with my Dad.  I am spoiled and I am loved.  More importantly, I am on pain medicine and I am still happy.  Many of my original bloggy friends have already passed to the rainbow bridge.  I understand that I have an invitation now, I am not ready to come so I plan to shows up a little late.  Momma will let you all know how my progress goes - but for now, live every day - like I always do.

love always
woof - Tucker