Friday, August 30, 2013

Beach time

 I took Tyson to my beach the other day and taught him all abouts the importance of sniffing.  He gots in trouble cause he tried to eats a dead crab but he learned that all on his own.
I've been playing a little with him and taking him on walks.  I thoughts English Mastiff puppies were suppose to be lazy but he's puppy crazy.  I swear I wasn't like this.  He nips me!

I'm exhausted but Tyson is sleeping through the night so that makes us all happy.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

OMG I gots a new Brudder!!!!

I gots a new Brudder and this time it's a real one!  Not a stoopid kitteh brudder (sorry Vader) he's a Mastiff dog!
Meets my new brudder Tyson!

He's a heart-breaker and reminds me of you know who that we all miss so much.

  8 weeks he's also a chunky-butt at 19lbs.
 I is teaching him to be lazy and relax.... his puppy antics are a little alarming to me.
 He's not potty trained and it's not my fault. We are working on it.
 But he's cute and although he is too baby for me to play wif him,  I can play in a couple weeks.
 For now, he's disturbing my sleep.
 And he's playing wif Rugen.

Note from Momma: Tucker is doing very well with Tyson.  It's almost as Tucker knows he's a baby so he won't play with him and he is careful walking around him.  Not any signs of jealousy from Tucker yet. 

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Teaser - Big News

Hi all, I knows I have been absent and I am really sad I wasn't here for some of my bestest bloggy friends when they need support these last few months.  Remi & Thunder I will miss you...

Things have been boring here, lots of hooman projects but no fun Tucker stuff.  I have had visits from my cousins a couple of times but nothing new and exciting. I'm not like the kittehs, who can spend hours entertaining themselves with a bug that makes it into the house.
 Or spend time gettin' high off the kitteh nip.

The Tucker needs to be entertained! 

Momma and Dad have planned a mini trip in a couple weeks wif me and are planning a vacation at the end of September.  Also, they says there is some big news about the first trip.  Something is up.