Thursday, February 24, 2011

How to deal with the Puparazzi

Here is how a real Diva deals with annoying puparazzi....

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Monday, February 21, 2011

My Weekend Adventure

We loaded up Saturday morning for our big weekend adventure.
Are we there yet?
Oh I don't know how to ski. 

Well the good news is that the camp was just named ski lodge, no skiing required.  The bad news was it was so cold outside I stayed inside almost the whole time.  The whole family was there (Cousin Diesel & Bambi included). 
I guess the staying inside wasn't so bad, the camp had couches.  And there was always a hooman that stayed inside wif us. But, what were the other hoomans doing?  Well, that crazy ice fishing thing we did last year (see that adventure here.)  However, it was a double over night trip this time and much colder than last year!

Diesel and I did get to go out once just to see what was going on, but we had to go back in before 30 minutes.  We were styling in our coats and boots.
Dis is the lake from the view of the Cabin.  It looks really scary wif the open water but that is only because there is Dam next to it causing all kinds of currents in the water.  To the right you can see all the ice.  It was about 10-12 inches of ice on the lake.

Oh and yes the hoomans caught fishies, but I missed them all cause I was inside.  Momma was wif me most of the time but she did get to see Dad's big fish.....
This is a Togue or a Lake Trout.  It was 23" in length and Dad kept it for my Uncle to eats because it was the biggest fish of the trip.  The Warden service came by and gots it's official measurement and weight.  Then they took out it belly guts to take to the lab.  The Biologist will test to see what the fish have been eating and make sure that the fish are healthy in the lake. 

So after two nights away I is back home.  The sun is perfectly on my bed and I has a lot of sleep to catch up on! I'll try to be around to your bloggies once I get rested.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Corbin and Tucker go to Vegas

 My buddy Corbin and I is sick of snow and sick of boots, so we decided to take a trip to Vegas!

Corbin:  "This plane is awful crowded.... Where is my drink lady?"
Tucker: "Why do I always gets stuck in the middle seat?"

The plane ride was terribly long, especially our layover in Newark!  We finally arrived at Vegas that afternoon.

We had to take a Taxi to the hotel, although Corbin had a different idea.
Tucker: "Corbin Dude, that Harley is stuck in the building I don't think it's going anywhere."

Dis is our hotel. Yeah it's really there. I knows mirages aren't real but dis one is.
We were really hungry so we decided to gets something to eat and check out our new digs.

Corbin: "All you can eat baby!!"

Tucker: "Let's explore our hotel. What is so secret about the garden? Let's look back here."
oh oh.....
Corbin: "Tucker, I think this was a bad idea...... nice kitteh.... nice kitteh. Maybe we should hit the pool instead, it was a long flight."
Tucker: "Um Corbin - wake up! I is stuck - remember I can't swim!"

After I gots Corbin up from his nap and saved me we decided we would hit the town and enjoy the lights of Vegas. 

Tucker: "Corbin, you can't wear a Yankees hat!  It clashes wif my Celtics collar."
After Corbin changed we went out on the town.
 We stopped to see the Bellagio fountains but they made Corbin and I  have to pee so bad we ran to the nearest Casino....

Corbin: "Is dat Puddles?  And Francine?  Oh nos"
Tucker: "99 cents  They is gonna be in trouble."

So, we found another Casino to relieve ourselves.  And then we decided to play some slots.
Corbin: "Tucker you have got to sniff out the loosest slots, you can't just play the first one you see.  That's how they gets the stoopids to loose all their money."
Tucker: "Corbin, what does max bet mean? oops... "

Corbin: "Dude you are so gullible, that slot didn't even have a chair. You spent your whole toy allowance on one pull.  I'm finding a better machine. Go get yourself a drink."

Tucker: "Gambling makes me thirsty, I likes the big water bowls they haves here."

Once Corbin found a better machine I watched him play (since I runs out of money on my Max bet).

And Finally....

We won 87 thousand dollars!!!!

But, since we don't have social security number and couldn't file a W2-G.  We had to forfeit all the moneys..
They told us Corbin's conciliation prize would be waiting for him the next day when he gots home.
So, we went back to the hotel to sleep.

And flew back home the next day.  I gots the window seat this time!

And, Corbin was pretty happy with is conciliation prize.

I hope you had fun in Vegas Corbin! Thanks for goinf wif me!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Saturday, February 12, 2011

I gots a doggie Donut

 Momma stopped to the Barkery and gots me a treat.  A frosted doggie donut.
 Wif sprinkles!
It was good. 

Friday, February 11, 2011

Stuffy Explosion

 I has no idea where that piece of stuffing came from, I swear..
 It just exploded I swear...
 And then more came out!
 And more!

Can you imagine how much more would have come out if Momma didn't take me toy away and put in the trash?  I mean it was just exploding all over the place.  I has no clue why.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Monday, February 7, 2011

7 year itch & Voting

It's time to vote in Mango Minster!
Today is the Shameless Dogs and Doggie Divas category, that's my category!

Friday, February 4, 2011

My fortune Cookie

When the hoomans get Chinese Take out I always get my own fortune cookie at the end of dinner.  Tonight's was pretty much perfect.
Here is a close up.....
I wish to eat this cookie... yumm...  A dog's life!