Staycation Contest

Hello everybody, as you may know I live in Maine and so many people come here to visit every summer.  Momma doesn't see what the big deal is since she's lived here forever.  It gots us thinkin' every where people live there's losta cool things to do and people never do them because they always take adventures elsewhere. 

So it gave us an idea for a contest!

(according to Wikipidea) : A staycation (also spelled stay-cation, stacation, or staykation) is a neologism for a period of time in which an individual or family stays at home and relaxes at home or takes day trips from their home to area attractions.

So for the contest you and your hoomans need to go on an adventure together.  I luvs me an adventure!

Here are the rules (I'll try to keep it simple)
* Deadline September 6, 2010 (the un-official end to Summer in the States)
* The staycation must be a fairly local day trip that hoomans and doggies do together.
* The location can be anything but it needs to be NEW to both the hooman and the doggie.
* You must take pictures and do a blog post to share your great adventure!
* Please email me ( with a link to your adventure post
* 1 entry per household
* I'll pick the winner randomly from all the entries.

Doesn't that sound like fun?  Some ideas could be a State / National Park, a Festival, or a Mountain Hike.  The winner will receive a package full of Hooman and Doggie Maine Made Touristy Treats. 

Did you know that Maine has:
•Land Area: 33,215 square miles
•Length of Coastline: 3,500 miles
•Lakes and Ponds: 6,000
•Forest: 17 million acres
Hmmm, no wonder people come to visit!

So get out and start Adventuring!

Check out those that have entered the Contest so far:

she lives in Seattle with her Mom and Dad and gets to go lotsa places with them.  She's a blue Dane thats just slightly younger then me.  Check out her Adventure to Lopez Island !
Shannon -
Shannon is a new Dane friend, a Harlequin like me!  She's just a puppy that is just too adorable!  She enjoys having pictures taken of her - I can't believe someone likes the flashy machine.  Go visit her and her trip to the Longview Dog Show.

Honey -
Ok, everyone should know the Beautiful Honey.  She's a famous Dancing Dane that lives in Australia now.  She gets to go on tons of cool adventures and to all kinds of training camps.  She so well behaved it's crazy and she even performs in front of strangers dancing with Hsin-Yi.  She's been in books and on an airplane.  Her latest adventure is to Bribie Island, go visit her and check it out.


Sasha - 
Sasha is a Princess and has been feeling a little under the weather but still takes time with her hoomans to explore and enjoy life.  She took us on a tour of her hometown and did losta modeling for the flashy machine.  She's got some strange looking trees out there!Go visit her tour of Redlands!

Betty & Cali -
These are new friends that I just met in bloggy land!  They took a hot hot day and went to the ocean.  They are so adorable in their video and I'm now almost 100% positive I'm the only doggie in the world that can't swim.  Go visit them and say hi!

Hunter - Hunter is part of the Lola. Hunter, and now Odie pack. Hunter went on a hike with his Momma to The Old Mission Dam & Mission Trails Regional Park.  It looks like it was mighty hot so Hunter had to spend time cooling off in the water.  Go see the adventure here!

Maggie Mae - Headed out to camp with her Mom!  She gots herself all buckled up in the car, grabbed some donuts and headed out the lake.  She had some difficulty with the swimmin' thing which made me feels all better about my own swimmin' issues.  She also got hang with her cousins, it's a three part adventure so make sure you reads them all! 
Corbin - He went out to the lake and went for a cruise in the boat?  Canz you believe it, he gots in the boat?  Afterwards he spent some time playing in the water with his Aunt.  I just met Corbin, so especially if you don't know him make sure you go over to visit him!

Wyatt & Stanzie - Spent the day visiting the Oregon Trail. They lives in Oregon City and got to meet some pioneers that are in desperate need of a fashion makeover.  Go visit them - Westward HO!

Tucker and Daisy - They went to Winimusset Wildlife Management area and spent the day on an awesome walkie, getting lost, finding their way back, and meeting new friends. Their hooman took some great pictures, go visit them!
Geisha  - Geisha from Life with 5 dogs spent the day in Newburyport MA.  They have lots of dog friendly stuffs there and a Doggie Bakery - I repeat a Doggie Bakery!  You knows how much I luvs my doggie Bakery.  Visit and drool over the cookies.
Ruthie - Visited the Pasture for the first time, she just moved there and met some new friends. Her assistance is having a little trouble uploading a video but it should be there soon.

Thank you to all the contestants that entered! Every pup was a winner cause they gots to go on an adventure with their hoomans in order to enter.

The official winner of the box load of Maine in Maine Doggie & Hooman treats is....

Maggie Mae!!!!
I'll contact you shortly Maggie Mae to get your snail mail.
Thanks Everyone!


  1. Tucker, you forget to list the most important and biggest attraction in Maine. YOU!!!

    this is a great contest idea!

    It's hard to do a staycation around dirtville. it's just to danged hot ofr dogs and beans alike.

  2. Hello neighbor (hee-hee)....I really love your staycation contest idea! How smart you are to think of something fun, inexpensive, and a great excuse to do some exploring! Ever since I began my blog in January I've found myself paying more attention to goings-on in the Granite State and in doing so I've learned a lot more than ever so this contest will motivate me to explore more pet friendly places! I am going to hunt for the purrfect place to share with you, my friend!

  3. Great idea Tucker!

    I'm gonna hafta make Mom put on her thinkin cap for this one!

    wags, wiggles & slobbers

  4. What a fantastic idea for a contest, Tucker! But how close does it have to be for it to count as a "Staycation"? For example, last weekend, I went away with my humans to Byron Bay which is 2hrs drive from Brisbane - am going to do a post about it next anyway - but would that count? Or would it have to be somewhere in Brisbane itself?

    Honey the Great Dane

  5. Honey - it counts! As long as you can get there and back in a day.

  6. Tucker
    I'm with MA people always travel to other places when there's so much to do here! Hmmm we'll come up with a fn adventure... I want those cookies!

  7. Hi Tucker! Just found your blog! So fu with an Harlequin! We are three girls. Feel free to visit our page We will put your blog in our bloglist! And we will participate in your competition. We are going on our first show here in end of July!
    Love, Shannon, Emely & Hanna

  8. Wowzers! How exciting! What if it takes us all week to write it up?
    Play bows,
    PS: Thanks for visiting the blog!

  9. We just sent you an email of our day yesterday!!!

  10. I'm gonna post an announcement this week on our bloggies! I have something in mind for the contest.. excited. yahoo.

  11. I found out about this from Honey and am blogging about it as well.
    Would love to see how dogs (and cats) take their humans to local attractions.

  12. Neat Idea Tucker! We always go to Alexandria Va and stay at the Monaco Hotel. You know... us Bichons... we love the laps, specially the lap of luxury!

  13. what a coinkadink! we took a staycation today and blogged it, our friend brodie told us about your contest...we went to the beach which is 20 minutes from our house in southern new england. it was a first time for me, cali, and our mom together, although she's been there before without us...we'll email you the link to our post.


  14. we tried to email, but it wasn't working...check out our blog at: and follow along!


  15. Hi Tucker! I live on 24 acres. Because I am somwhat new to my home, I have never been to the back pasture and was wondering if that would count as a trip?


  16. Woof! Woof! It's great reading everyone's staycation. Mmmm our family staycation is not happening till October. It's late this year. looking forward to read more about others staycation. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar