Monday, January 16, 2017

Happy New Year from the Tucker!

Hi All, remember me?  Yeah the old man Tucker is still going strong.  I've had a pretty rollercoaster year but I finished it off strong.  So, I figured I'd check in and lets you all knows that I is still around.

The little bugger Tyson is doing great - he's 190lbs! Ok enough about him.  On to ME!

 I gots new PJs so I can looks like my brother, BOL!

Anyway, so the rough part of my year was this past Spring/Summer. 

I am slowing down. My walks have to be shortened because I wear out fast. This summers I was on a long walky and stepped on the wrong side of my foot.  Momma cried.  It didn't bother me at all but my Vet says I am "rounding third" and things like this happen when old men like me get tired. Plus I'm a big boy at 175lbs and 37 1/2" to my withers.  But, I is happy to say that it only happened the once and I can still play a mean game of tug with brother almost every night. 

Oh and I had a bunny, yep a bunny
Sees it right there?  Yeah well bunny tormented me all springs.  I barked and barked but Bunny didn't care.  Well did you know that if you barks and barks and jumps around so much you can makes yourself sore?  Well, you cans.  I sprained my tail.  Yep it happened and it wasn't pretty.  My tail looked like it was dead- it just hung - and it hurt.  I wasn't really ables to sit down or lay down properly and I acted like my life was over.  Momma and Dad took me to the ER and I got evaluated.  They gave me some pain medicine and after a couple weeks I started to makes improvement.  My vet upped my old man pills and I've been doing great since.  My tail doesn't go all the way up like it use to but I can wag, lay, and sit now.

So I did get a few Summer Adventures in!

Also, for my birthday in October we went to Beach - I turned 8 so we needed to celebrate in style.  We stayed at a camp for a couple nights and walked the beaches.
We do adventures on the weekend, but I spend my weekdays napping in the sun.  Not that rough of a life I guess :)

I gots a new Teddy for Christmas, I still loves toys!

 As this winter goes on brudder and I spend our times hanging out and enjoying each day.  Momma and Dad knows that every day with me is a gift cause the Tucker can't lives forever in the flesh.  I'm not gonna lie, the extra pets and loves are pawesome!  I should have gotten old years ago. 

So here is to me, the Tucker!  Over 8 and still happy, playing, and enjoying life!  Here is to more years to come and embracing every day with a some ear pets, bum scratchies, kisses, and cookies.  I love you all that have continued to follow me on my life's journey and I will keep you posted!  I miss all my friends that have passed before me and I honor them by enjoying my time with my brudder and my hoomans.  Happy New Year to all of you in blog land, we hopes you have a fulfilling 2017 with health, happiness, and good belly rubs.