Monday, October 12, 2009

My First Vacation

This weekend I went on my first Vacation. I didn't know what was going on at first because when Momma and Dad came back from work on Friday instead of doing our normal stuff they packed up the car with lots of stuff and then they packed up my bed! I got a little nervous and I made sure I got packed into the car too! We rode in the car for awhile, it got dark, and then we arrived at this cabin in the woods. Guess who was there! Diesel! I was so excited, it was late but since I slept in the car we played bitey face for awhile before I had to go to bed. Oh, my other family hoomans were there too, but I only really cared about seeing Diesel.
The next morning we went for a walk to the lake.
The Hoomans had difficulties keeping up.

The water was cold, but we didn't mind.
After our walk I got back in the car and we traveled down a bumpy dirt road to a river.

At the river the hoomans went gold panning. I guess they just put dirt in a bowl and look for something shiny. And they get grumpy when you drink out of their bowls. Whatever.

I did a little doggie gold panning of my own. Ooooh... something shiny! It's gotta be ......
Yup, a stick - doggie gold!
At the end of the day we went back to the cabin. I slept because I was so tired from looking for gold in the river.

On Sunday we headed home and stopped at a Corn Maze. All it is is corn, corn everywhere. I couldn't see where I was going and Momma and Dad let me make decisions on which way to turn. I didn't pick the right directions and we had to ask for help to get out.

I slept the rest of the way home. My first vacation was fun, but I do love my couch. Maybe next time Momma and Dad will bring my couch with us, that would be great!


  1. Tucker, your vacation looks and sounds like it was so much fun! You are SO lucky!

    How do you get your trees to change color like that? They are SO pretty! Here in Sandy Eggo, they are mainly just green. Dark green, light green, medium green, blue green. Lots of shades of green, but still just green. I love the oranges and yellows!

    I'm sure glad you had a fun time. Maybe my Mom will take me somewhere cool like that too!

  2. Lucky Tucker! We're hoping to rent a cabin sometime this fall/winter so Darwin can get some cabin time!

  3. Looks like you had so much fun Tucker!
    I love your smoochy sleeping face at the end!

    Darcy's mumma

  4. Your vacation looks like sooooooooooo much fun! Love the pics!

  5. Oooh, how beautiful! And FUN! We love going on vacation too. We almost always get to take 2 cars because we dogs take up one car all by ourselves!

  6. That looks the best vacation, the photo of your walk was beautiful. I cant imagine the girls behaving on a holiday... your one lucky hound...

    ps did they get any gold??

  7. Wow, what a beautiful place, Tucker! You are a lucky pup to holiday in a place like that!! The colours on the trees are so beautiful. So did you find any gold? Hee! Hee!

  8. The hoomans didn't really find any gold, just a couple small flakes. Not enough to buy me toys with. Hmph.