Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Walkies at the Ocean Edge

This past week we took a little drive to a spot I has never been before for my walkie.   The air smelled so good I couldn't wait to get out the car.

There was a lot to explore.... and a lot of places I couldn't go.  Hmph.

It was important for me to model for the hoomans..... they have the cookies.

More places I couldn't go......

And since the sun was setting......

I had to leave..... I wanted to stay longer.  Even the sad face didn't work, I still had to go home.

Friday, June 17, 2011

My new sisters.......

They came home in a box....... there are 6 of them!
I don't really know their purpose, all they do is scream and poop!

They are currently living in my old baby crate, in da basement where the kittehs can't get to dem.....  I just sniff them and walk away.  I don't understand why the hoomans think they are so great.  Pretty boring if you ask me....... Vader really wants to visit them but he isn't allowed.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Tucker's Dancing with the Doggie Stars Entry

Here is my entry to Honey's Dancing with the doggie Stars Event!  My routine isn't perfect but it was fun just the same.  I'm a very lazy Dane and you can see I need a BIG cookie to motivate me, which I knock outta Momma's hand during the routine... BOL.  Anyways I hope you enjoy...

Oh and I almost forgots the best part, he are just a couple of my bloopers ;)

The kitteh blooper....

The I'm done dancing blooper....
I can't wait to see all the entries and how hard everyone worked.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Sunday, June 5, 2011

New Friend

Hiya Everyone!  Sorry I've been absent from Blogville so much lately.  Dad's been working extra hours and Momma been spending that extra time watching me.  So, not much time to have the hoomans help me blog or visit my friends.  But, last week Dad had an evening off so we went to the beach!  I met a new friend there, meet Jaxs!
He tried to gives me a swimming lesson but I still won't go out that far.  Besides that water is salty and cold!  The ocean up here is only 50 degrees at best right now.
After playing wif Jaxs I got to sniff around the strange stuff as we continued our walk.
This is a sea urchin shell, pointy!
It was nice to have an evening wif both the hoomans and meeting Jaxs was great too!

I'm trying to catch up, but I may just have to mark all as read...... over 400 blog posts is really hard to read with all the practicing I've been doing for Honey's Dancing with the Doggie Stars.  I've completed a couple rehearsals that have a few mistakes, so hopefully I'll get my routine down a little more this week.  I've only got until the 15th to get it perfect.  The only hint I'll give you about my routine is that my music is Elvis.....
Oh and the best news - remember Navajo the foster that didn't work out with us?  Well, she's been adopted into her forever home!  It took awhile to find a home that matched her perfectly but now she has it.  We are very happy for her.