Sunday, January 30, 2011

Doggie Punishment

Someone sent this picture to Momma, some new form of doggie punishment. I don't knows this dog but she looks like she gots in troubles and had to be humiliated wif this sign. Momma thinks it is so funny.

I hope I don't gets in troubles and have to wear a sign - If you gots in trouble what would your sign say?
Mine would probably have to do wif chasing the kitties.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Lack of Sleep Mystery - Solved

OK so the past week I have been getting up at strange hours of the night and have been barking at the front door.  It's been 11pm, 1 am, 2am, 4am, etc.  It wakes the hoomans up.  Momma gets up tells me no one is there and then lets me out to go to the baffroom.  I don't really have to go, but I do it anyway.  The hoomans don't understand why I keep waking them up.  Well we finally have a cause of my night time disruptions.
10:00 PM: Time for bed, I go outside to tinkle one last time.  The kitties are put downstairs so that I don't chase them unsupervised, kitty door is closed.  Momma and Dad go to bed.

1:00 AM: I barks at front door - Momma wakes up.  She is grumpy.
1:03 AM: I goes outside and pees to make Momma feel better about getting out of bed.
1:05 AM: Momma goes back to bed, Dad is grumpy now too.
1:06 AM: Instead of sleeping on my couch I is scared so I climb into bed wif Momma and Dad.
1:07 AM: Momma grumbles that I is stealing the covers.  We all go to sleep.

2:10 AM: We all wake up to a kitty meowing at the foot of the bed! 
2:11 AM: HBO words are used as Momma scoops up Vader and realises that he has escaped the downstairs to wake us all up.

Evidently recycled kitty brother Vader has discovered how to open doors!  Since we have long handles instead of door nobs he has learned to reach up and pull the handle down.  It takes him a few tries and we have witnesses him doing it.  So, the pulling of the door handle made me think that there was someone at the door.  When it fact it was Vader trying to escape his nighttime confines.  The easy solution is the lock the door so that he can't open it.  I just can't believe he's been tricking me into thinking someone is at the door knocking at night.  Does this mean he is smarter than me?  I sure hope not.  I've gots some sleep to catch up on.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My Teddy

Have I showed you my teddy bear that Grammy & Grampy gots me for Christmas? Oh I hasn't - ok here he is:
Meet my Teddy - I luvs him.
I shakes hims.

I eats his feets.

I gives him kisses.

Oh and this is for Miss Puddles, the sign in my baffroom (just in case she comes to visit).

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Looking for my twin

Norwood is having a contest to look for your better half. Basically find your twin of the opposite sex on petfinder and post about it. The winner gets a donation to the charity of your choice.
Well, there are lots of Danes in Rescues. The number 1 reason we get turned over to shelters/rescues - We are too Big! Yes, there are stupid people out there that get a Great Dane as a puppy and then say "I didn't realize how big it would get". Seriously.

Now I'm not saying that's the only reason we gets stuck in shelters and rescues there are many other reasons that are common in all breeds: Health problems - can't afford care, moving, death in family, not getting along with other pets, new baby in the family, poor behavior, etc.

But - I know of a particular Dane that just came into the Rescue we are volunteers for. She does look a lot like me. But, being harlequin all of us are different. For example:

She looks a lot like me wif that same black spot on my face only mine is bigger.

Meet Harley & Diva - From Paws of Austin in Texas
Harley has two different colored eyes.
Diva has a really big black patch
Meet Quinn - from Central Florida Great Dane Rescue
She's really cute but I've got more spots and my nose is almost black.
And Finally meet Navajo - From Coastal Maine Great Dane Rescue
We are the same age and I think she's the best match for my twin. What do you think?


Sunday, January 23, 2011

Ouchie Update

So remember my Histiocytoma I posted about back at the end of December? Well it's time for an update. A couple weeks ago I was playing wif my basketball and I busted it open and it was bleeding like crazy. Momma had to put cornstarch on it to stop the bleeding. After that they cleaned it all up and it's been healing nicely. Mr. Vet said that they go away in a couple months on their own once the body recognizes the tumor. Well, I sped up the process because the bump is all gone now! I just have to wait for my hair to grow back now (i think that's cause of me busting it open).
So here is the proof - About a month ago:


Now I can relax knowing that I'm almost all better.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Wanna Share?

I heard rumors that a particular judge has a obsession with a particular cookie ingredient. Now, I'll let you all knows - I is willing to share.

Screw KONGs - the jar works just fine.
There is plenty to go around.
Dis label even tastes good.

Yum, Life as a Diva (or DIVO as I've been told I'm suppose to be) is pretty fab.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Monday, January 17, 2011

Vader Mango Minster

So as you probably know recycled kitteh brudder Vader has been trying to steal my spotlight ever since he arrived back in August. He wants to enter Mango Minster so he can prove he's better than me.
Well, ok he didn't actually say that but you knows how kittehs lie. So, I figured I'd enter him and Mango Minster and sabotage his entry. Cause he'd just tell you how good two paws he is.

Recycled Kitteh brudder Vader's entry to Mango Minster - Kittehs
1. When your human calls your name do you feign interest or outright ignore them?
Um yeah of course. I swear the dude doesn't even know his name. So what if Momma and Dad renamed him from his old name Shadow. After alls, he has a super big head and came to us with a respiratory infection so Vader fits. You'd think he'd get it by now.
2. Do you meditate at least 20 hours each day?
Yes. Oh not me? oh well the answer is still yes. He spends hours contemplating about how he's gonna be able to eat all Momma's plants and blame it on me.

3. A moth is in the house. Do you kill and consume it or toy with the hapless thing until it is wounded and flapping and leave it for your human to you thin ice?
How about trying to climb the walls to get to it? It's a bug Vader, get over it - stoopid kitteh.

4. Do you ignore expensive gifts from your pals in favor of a Q-tip discovered on the wet room floor?
Why would the Q-tip be on the floor? Vader just takes a new one out of the jar on the vanity. Not to mention he went all Godzilla on Dad's Christmas village peoples. And what is with kittehs stealing yarn?

5. Do you speak in tongues before hacking up a furball?
Nuf said.
6. At 8PM are you likely to be found counter surfing or pretending to be a lap cat in the hope of getting foodables?
Both. For some reason I get in trouble for chasing Vader when he gets up in the counters, the fridge, and the top of the kitchen cabinets. Also, he's a know lap stealer.
7. Do you bury your poop and / or build a mountain atop which to carefully place a poopy Stoned Hinged sculpture?
Yeah he puts tootsie rolls in the litter box, but from the evidence of litter outside the box I think he just kicks around in there for fun.

So there you have it, Vader's entry to Mango Minster. I'm pretty sure he's contemplating taking over my whole bloggie, or world domination....... so we'd better keep an eye on him.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Monday, January 10, 2011

Mango Minster

Hello my Name is Tucker.... and I is a Diva. After all step 1 is admitting it.
Steps 2 through 12? I'm pretty sure those involve enjoying it!

Here are some examples:
Eat the foodables after they land on the floor? I don't think so. Um the kitteh's walk on the floor and do you know where there feet have been?
I'm pretty sure that all hoomans spoon feed doggies whipped cream why they lounge comfortably on the couch.
Yeah ok - I may be a little spoiled. But I deserve it.
I'm not that materialistic... I mean -
I likes my coats, I thinks I look best in blue.... do you agree?
And I have just a few toys
I sit nicely when there is cheese involved.
And lay comfortably on the couches wherever I go.
I'm not a big fan of the hoomans being lazy and not shovelling my backyard. So I just pee on the deck instead.
Yes, we go to Drive thru for me. They know my name at McDonald's - One double cheeseburger please. And don't forgets the Wendy's Frosty.
Licking the cookie mixing bowl can only really be done correctly if you don't get off the futon.

Also, every Diva needs their own chauffeur. I don't got a limo, but I'm working on it.
And overall Diva's are kind of needy right? It's not like my demands are silly. It's just common practice I'm sure of it.

Pull me.... The ice is too cold to walk on.

Seriously... my plate is empty over here. Cook faster.
Excuse me.... my feets are dirty .... please wash them.
And Shameless? Who me?
Naw... not me.

So this is my Official Entry for Mango Minster in the Shameless Dogs and Doggie Divas category.

But do think this looks like the face of a Diva?
No Pawtographs please.