Tuesday, October 29, 2013

I is 5

I very happy Birfday to ME!! 
 I is 5 today.
I luvs cake....

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

I luvs my little Monkey Brudder

So I Tucker must admit...

I loves my little monkey brudder.
I taught Tyson tug, zoomies, and bitey face.  Even resting lazy face.

He may still be small
But he's growing fast.
take notice how nice and fit and trim I is :)

He even takes me for walkies!

Tyson I wuvs you.

We all really do luv our siblings.  
Lily I is rooting for Benny cause we all luvs him too.

Monday, October 14, 2013

My Trips to Cape Cod - Part 2

Where we left off was on the beach.... 
I enjoyed just laying on the beach
 In the nice warm sun

 The smells of the ocean breeze.
But I hated the stoopid sand getting in my drools!!  I kept getting sand in my mouth and crunching on it.  Yuck.

Thankfully there was a water fountain right there.

This one was made just for me, perfect height.

After the beach we went up to Provincetown to see the award winning Dog Park

 There was a lot of cool art.
 This piece made us miss Tyson.....

 There were a few pups I got to meet

 And lots of cute art to explore.
 I saw this sign so we made sure to stop at the Cape Cod Dog store on the way back that day. I gots treats.
The art was very interesting

 What a fun little dog park.

Next we had lunch and stopped to the dog store, which was very nice.  

Then we made sure to go to another beach!

 This one had sand ripples from the tide.
 There were little tidal pools to explore.  I jumped with the minnows swam by my feet!

 We made our way back to the motel and spent the afternoon/evening exploring the town and taking a long walk on the beach next to the motel.  The next morning we started the long ride home.  I was happy to see Tyson when we picked him up.  However, all of us were pooped by the time we got home.

Thanks Cape Cod for being dog friendly so I could have a nice Vacation!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

My Trips to Cape Cod - Part 1

Oh I is so very excited to share my vacation to Cape Cod wiff you.  In the morning we left and dropped Tyson off at the day spa (aka kennel) for his socialization vacation (which he did very well wiff).  I loves traveling but this trip would have been too much drive time for the little pup.

 When we hit Massachusetts we stopped at Sonic for lunch, yummers!
I gots to smell the city of Boston on the way.

And backseat drive for Momma in the tunnels. "It's safe to merge right, hooman"

It took us most the day to gets to the Cape so I was tired but very excited to get to our motel.

We went right to the beach! It was beautiful weather at 72 degrees in October, you couldn't beat that.

The beach had tons of these dead things, Horsehoe crabs the hoomans called them.  They were just plain creepy.

We gots some Pizza for dinner and watched the sunset, afterwards I snuggled in a the motel and went right to sleep.

The next morning (another gorgeous day) we headed out to the National Seashore.  
However, one slight problem...

The Tucker doesn't really like stairs, the Tucker hates wooden stairs, and wooden stairs with no back are just plain scary.  

Meet the stairs..... 

 But, I didn't come all that way to just look at the beach, I was going on it.  I was so excited I practically ran down them to get to the beach.

I met some friends on the beach, they were very nice but we couldn't play cause we had to stay on leash.

But the beach, 

it was Beautiful

 I noticed something in the distance...
I had to investigate.....

 OMG - Seals!  I had never seen seals before.  I never barked at them once I just watched them and they watched me.

We left our hands and footprints on this beach and headed out to the next beach.

 Beach two was just a lovely.
 And had way more seals!
 I had so much fun watching these guys, they were pretty close.
 Part 2 of my trip coming soon!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Tyson is growing up fast

My baby brudder Tyson is growing really fast!  He's 14 weeks old today and on Tuesday he went to the vet for shots and is 42lbs. What a chunky butt!

I is having lots of fun wiff Tyson but he is running Momma and Dad ragged.  He's a nipper!  I'm happy to report that his potty training is going really well, he's doing well in puppy school, and he sleeps(& snores) all night in his crate.  He's a good boy thanks to me!

We've been going on lots of walkies together.  Here are some pictures of us from the last couple of weeks.

I am very sorry I am so behind on blogging and visiting all my friends.  We are so busy.... The Tucker has loads of energies now that Tyson is here and we are busy every morning and night until we falls asleep.  Tyson still has to be watched all the time he is outside his crate so the hoomans have very little time.   But Momma is promising to helps more. I've got some fabulous stuffs to updates you on.  I gots a new deck, a vacation to Cape Cod, and another leaf peeping trip.  More to come!