Friday, April 25, 2014

Power of the Paw needed for my baby brudder Tyson

I just spent the evening at the emergency vet wiff my brudder Tyson.  He has something wrongs with his eye and the vet doesn't know what it is.
When the Momma got home to gives belly rubs, during Tyson's belly rub she noticed his eye was red (which I mean our eyes are always reds and droopy) but the pupil was really small, there is some cloudiness.  She called the emergency vet and they said to brings him in.

There is inflammation and the small pupil but no scratch.  The vet said it may be uveitis but couldn't confirm. See Tyson has a weird thread like line in his eye he had since a baby.  Also, he has a brown spot on the white that may be a mass.  Since nothing in his eye ever changed our vet thought it could be a development issue.

Here is a picture of Tyson's eye from when he was a baby with the weird thread thing. It's is right eye and it almost looks like a constellation in this picture.
Tyson got to come home but has two types of drops (one to open his pupil and one for inflammation).  We are suppose to watch him closely this weekend, go to our regular vet on Monday, and then we will need to go to a specialist.
It breaks my Dane heart to see my Momma so sad not knowing what is wrong.  For now we just treat the symptoms (to hopefully prevent any permanent damage) and wait until we can find answers. If any of you out in blog world have experienced an issue like this we'd like to know.  

Saturday, April 5, 2014

The Tucker is still here

Hi All - yes the Tucker is still here and is doing well.  My knees are feeling much better and I'm still my same old self, just sleeping a little more as I get older.

My brother Tyson is growing up, he went for his neuter day last week and is catching up to me a 138 lbs. He's still crazy and I'm starting to wonder if he'll ever calm down.

I had my checkup last month and my heart-worm and Lyme test came back negative and I was diagnosed with Arthritis.  My vet put me on an aspirin regimen with my glucosamine and fish oil and I'm feeling great. I'm officially a senior dog now as I'm 5 1/2 years old.

This winter has been endless and very cold.  I've spent a lot of time indoors so I'm looking forward to adventures outside this spring and summer.