Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Cruelty of Man

As much as us Doggies love our hoomans, sometimes they don't love us back.  

About a month ago Momma and Dad went to pick up a stray Dane.  She had found this nice man and he called our Dane Rescue to get her some help.  Momma and Dad picked her up and took her to my vet, she needed to be examined and given vaccines before she could go to a foster family.

old and abandoned

 no soft bed, and probably tied up
 an untreated tumor

But yet SMILES!  And a love of hoomans, everyone she meets!

I'm happy to report that this Lady has gained about 10 pounds and is now healthy enough to undergo surgery to remove the tumor on her gums.  The vets believe the tumor is benign but it is still painful for her.  How heartless of man to abandon an old gal like this and treat her so poorly. A Dane of this age is rare (we are guessing about 9-10 years) and should be worshiped.  I am thankful she is in a foster home that is treating her like the Queen she is.  I never gots to meet her but Momma and Dad said she is the sweetest soul. Please support your local rescue (volunteer, foster, transport, donate) every little bit helps!  Sweet dogs  like this Lady get a second chance at a better life because of Rescues.

Monday, June 25, 2012

The worst blogger ever

OMG I is the worst blogger evers.  Here is the proof that you are super far behind in bloggin' and readin'

1000+  Reader stopped counting! I don't think I'll ever catch up.... so I'm going to list a bunch of excuses and hit the mark all as read button!
List of Excuses:
1- Momma has a new assignment at work and is stressy
2- Momma has been playing World of Warcraft to burn of  that stress

Yup, that is all.  

So I'm glad Sarge sent me an email so I can tell Momma to helps me wif a post! Where to start?  I gots a bunch to tell you about in some other posts (A sad rescue, diets, couches, cheese, my fence, baby chicks!)

But first.  I have been given the seal of approval on my cruciate tear  - my knee is healed!  I will probably gets arthritis when i am older and I need to build by endurance up again but I can run, jump, spin, and zoomies wifout any problems.  Of course I could always hurt it again but I am healed for now and can be a dog again :)
I've been having some adventures again too, here is one of my favorites.  We went to my beach the day of that SUPER MOON and the tide was so far out that the beach was the biggest it ever has been.  And there was mud!
And the tide made these really cool ripples in the mud.... 

I promise to be a better blogger and share more of my summer adventures!