Product Reviews

The super nice people from contacted me about their site. So, naturally I checked it out to make sure I could put a Tucker stamp of approval on it. And boy do they have lots to choose from! You can get a specially made bumper sticker, signs, decals, window clings, etc. The list goes on and on.

The very friendly Megan offered to give some samples to some of my followers and Momma worked with Megan to design a Pet Fire Safety Window Cling! Guess what, it's got a Dane on it!!! So, you could go right over and design your own with your breed and name and everything. These are much better quality then the chinsy ones my Momma previously bought at the pet store and BuildASign has pretty good prices too, some items even have free shipping.
(Just use a sharpie to fill in the # of pets you have on the window cling or a special message - like "Dog in crate in master bedroom).

Hmm... Directions on how to apply... seems pretty easy...

So, since the nice Megan sent 12 window clings to me I am keeping two and offering the rest up to you guys. That means the first 10 followers to do the following will get a fabulous window cling to help protect your pet in case of a fire.
1 - Visit and check out all they have to offer
2 - Go test all the smoke detectors in your house.
3 - Leave a comment saying you want a cling and you did, or promise to do, step 1 and 2.
4 - Email me at with your snail mail address so I can send your cling to you.
Hopefully there is never an emergency, but the nice folks at want us to be prepared just in case. Thank you!