Friday, July 30, 2010

Car Ride = Flappin Lips

This is how I ride at 30 mph......

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Puddles Duddles pudding and poo

Puddles Duddles pudding and poo ....
Picks on Brudder and Whitney too..
But when the big dogs came out to play,
Puddles tucks tail and runs away.

Happy Birfday Puddles! Muahhhhhaaa!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Happy Birfday El'bow

Don't forget to Visit El'bow today and wish him a happy Birfday! I made him this card:

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Lighthouses Road Trip Adventure

I Loves me a Road Trip!

Dis time we went to see lighthouses. It was really foggy and I guess that's the purpose of the lighthouse.
This is a classic Candy stripe lighthouse - Doesn't taste like candy though, I checked.

Sure, I'll pose....

The lighthouse keeps the boats from runnin' into the rocks when they can't see where they are goin'. I betcha these rocks could do a little damage to a boat....

Momma was proud of me the fog horn was going off and I didn't bark once. That's a big deal for me cause I'm mouthy.
Dis lighthouse is called the sparkplug. See - toldya it was foggy.

Afterwards we had Yummy Dinner... The lobster Dad did share a little with me. Momma let me eat her bacon off her chicken burger.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sunday, July 18, 2010

2nd Best Cookies and Mr. President

Hello all, I'm here to teach you how my Momma and I make my 2nd Best Cookies. We call them that cause they are made with leftovers from the fridge. Sometimes it's yogurt about to expire, sour cream, etc. Today's were made with cream cheese and Sour Cream. Yumm. Oh and we always use 1/4 cup Peanut butter, 1/2 cup oatmeal, and 1 cup wheat flour as the base. Momma also added some parsley from the garden so my breath would be fresh. (oh and my PB is labelled cause sometimes Momma forgets and double dips when making up my kongs. Dad has an issue with that so I gets my own PB. ).
Step 1 - Stay outta the kitchen and supervise from the comfyness of your bed.

Step 2 - Momma mixes it all together and sticks it on a pan. If she needs more liquid she just add some water.
Step 3 - Cleanup the mess while the cookies are baking. It's a hard job but someone's gotta do it.

Step 4 - Painfully patiently wait for cookies to cool.
Step 5 - Enjoy the first cookie!
Step 6 - Look pathetic and make drool bubbles to ask for another cookie.
Step 7 - The Momma will cave and give you another cookie, drool bubbles work like a charm!
Step 8 - Post cookie nap.

Oh and Mr. President came to visit me, but he must have forgot where I lived cause he didn't stop by. Momma took this picture of his empty plane yesterday when we was driving to my favorite doggie walk. I know it's hard to see but Momma and Dad didn't want to be one of those peoples that get all flashy machine chasey (plus dad was goin' 50 mph). We know what it's like with just me walkin' down the street. can you imagine if I had to share some of my celebrity with the President? I didn't want to overshadow him so I stayed outta the way.

Anyway, Momma "borrowed" this picture from the interwebs from some "Kevin Bennett". I don't know who he is but I guess he likes buggin' people on vacation cause he got close enough to take this picture. But anyways, I wanted to share it because Bo came too.
If you would like to hear more about Mr. President and his family visiting just use google. People can't control themselves so they followed them everywhere and tooks pictures. I'm glad Mr. President came to visit my part of Maine and I hope he had a wonderful time with his family. Also, I hope the locals and the tourists didn't bother his family too bad. I understand the whole spotlight thingy - I 've had people try to gets their picture wifs me when Momma is pickin' up my poop. Yep seriously.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Still Working on the Swimming Thing

I'm still not willing to go out where I can't touch, life vest or not!

Monday, July 12, 2010

View From the Top - 2010 Hike 2

Ok, so when we start the hike I'm all Gun ho and go charging up the mountain. Momma whines that I go too fast and the only pictures she can get are of my butt.
The view was terrible because it was all hot and hazy and I couldn't see nothin'. I hiked all the way up there and all I gots to see was trees.

And it was hot! Momma said the humidity was terrible and it must have been at least 80 somethin' out.

What's it say, I can't read it through all the haze!! Oh - 872 feet.

What? I gotsa hike back down? Momma says I'm really slow going down the mountains cause I wasted all my energies getting up it fast. ooops.

Whew, back in the Truck with AC, now I'm a happy puppy!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My Holiday

Hello All! I'm back from my big weekend vacation. This is the longest one I've ever had with a whole three nights away. My Cousins Diesel and Bambi were there too! Let's see where do I begin?

On Friday afternoon we arrived at Eastport - the Eastern most city in the USA. I arrived just in time to enter a Pet Show where I took home 1st place for best in show! Can you believe it? I'm a show off Dog! Here I am accepting my blue ribbon and my big $10 prize.

On Saturday we went for Walkies ---
Ummm... I thinks these people have a spelling problem..... what the heck is a scall, urchin has a h ok, and I don't know anyone that wants an imp....
Diesel thinks he is somethin' special gettin' to climb the steps......
We had Strawberry shortcake in the park.
Do I have somethin' on my nose?
The big Navy ship was in to celebrate the holiday.
On Saturday night Momma said that I was ridiculous - whatever that means. I guess Diesel and I were naughty on our second trip down town for the day. We had taken a 5 hour nap and had lotsa energy. We were pullin on our leashes and actin' all crazy. Momma thinks we were feeding off everyone elses excitement since it was getting dark. We had these really cool glow stick collars on and unfortunately this is the only picture Momma got. Maybe that's were the energies were commin' from,

I always get the best seat in the house, even if I have to share with Bambi.

On Independence Day after getting some rest Diesel and I met new friends - like this big guy!

And MANGO was there...... he isn't nearly as big as everyone thinks, his Momma just photoshops him big.
I really enjoyed the parade this year........ Yup that's how exciting it was.

And on Sunday night Momma and Dad stayed at the house with us puppies while the others went to the Fireworks. Momma knew I would be scared so she sat down and fed us cheese to distract us all from the big booms and flashes.
So that was my holiday, I hope everyone was safe and enjoyed their extra time with their hoomans. I'm Sooo tired.... I need a vacation from my vacation!