Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I makes the hoomans dizzy sometimes

BOL, dis is how I lay down. The hoomans really hates it when I do this while on their bed, they say I steps on dem.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Update on my Knee

Sorry I has not been around much, Momma has a terrible case of the workies and still probably won't be able to help me blog much  in March.  The workies are the worst.

Today I went to the vet for my booster shots and a checkup.  I has good news!  Mr. Vet is very happy with my progress and wants me to keep doing what I am doing.  So lots of walkies, some running, and some zoomies.
But, Momma says I have to tell you I was naughty.  After Mr. Vet checked my heart and everything I barked and lunged at him (I didn't actually bite him).  Mr. Vet wasn't too concerned he says I was really stressed and he thinks I'm a little protective at times, plus the room is very small.  Not all doggies are friendly wif strangers and I sometimes don't like men.  Momma wants me to tell you all I was naughty because she wants you to know that just like other doggies I sometimes have "issues" cause I get scared. Momma and Dad just usually don't let people pet me if I appear stressy and things are fine. But, you should always ask before you pet a dog you don't know. He went ahead and gave me my shots and then he took me away from Momma and Dad and walked me out back to test my knee movement.

Mr. Vet says my muscle tone is over 10% better than last month and that my gait is fine. When he brought me back Mr. Vet said that I apologized and was wagging my tail wif him out back.  So we parted on good terms and next time I will try to be better.