Friday, November 25, 2011

The trouble with Bully sticks

Okays the 3 foot bully stick looked really good in the pet store.
But how do you eats it when you can't  hold onto it!

Ugh, I gives up.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Give us the bird - Eggciting Chicken Update

Sarge is hosting an event: Give Us the Bird!  I decided this was a great time to update you on my chickens!
Back in June they started as this:
 I helped them grows up in my old baby crate in the basement.
 Then once they were old enough they moved outside to their new home.
And now look at them!
And in honor of Give us the Bird Week they layed their first egg today!  Isn't that crazy, they must have been waiting for Sarge's event.
 I is very eggcited!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Last Weekend's Adventure

 Last weekend I went with the hoomans to visit my Aunt D in Connecticut.  It tooks foverevers to get there.
Then the next day I went for a great walkie were I met a new friend named Lulu.
Unfortunately I met some other creatures I had never seen before.  It was a really warm day and all the baby ticks hatched!  The hoomans and I had gone of the trail and then we noticed a tick.  We got right back on the trail but I had to stand there for about 20 minutes as the hooman looked me all over and looked themselves all over for ticks.  There was about thirty ticks on all of us (they hadn't bit us, they were just on our clothes).  We gots them all off and I got a new dose of frontline plus to be sure they didn't bite me in case they missed one. Those peoples in Connecticut have to deal with really bad ticks, Lyme disease is named after Old Lyme Connecticut were the first case was discovered.  We have them in Maine too but once the frost comes the ticks go bye bye until spring.  I have frontline plus every month and from April - October and then Momma skips a month over the winter.  We hardly ever see ticks, let alone this late in the year.  I has never had one ever and then a whole tick party exploded on us.  We finished our walk, checked ourselves over again and again and then got back in the car.
The tick party was stressy so we needed some pasta.  This stuff is soooo good!
The hoomans gots me a meatball... Yum!
When it was time to make the trip back to Maine I was sad to leave Aunt D but I was so tired.  We stopped to Colonial Candies in Massachusetts on the way home.
Momma got a very bad for you ice cream (she skipped lunch so she said that made it ok)
I gots plain jane vanilla but it was good!  I wonder if Norwood and Mango go here?
I slept the whole ride home, I only woke up to barks at the toll booth attendants.
Boy was I tired when we gots home.  It took me three days to get caught up on my beauty rest.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Mayzie's Rescue Me Week - Kitteh Edition

My recycled kitteh brudder Vader would like to do a post.... I can't believe I'm letting him but it's for a good cause.

I was adopted from a shelter a little over a year ago.  My humans came to the shelter to find a cat that was male, got along with dogs, liked to play, and would be a companion to the old kitty Patch.  I do play a lot with Patch and I enjoy cuddling and chasing my kitty sister Ellie.  

I'm a pretty chill guy and don't get into too much trouble.  Ok, so I ate all the house plants, I get up on the counters, and I can open unlocked doors.  But, besides that I'm purrfect!

I came from The Ark Animal Shelter where I was turned over because the human that had me first couldn't afford to take care of me anymore.  So many of us are turned over for no fault of our own.  We all need a human to rescue us.  

I would like to talk about Ace

My Momma remembers seeing him when she picked out me.  So, Ace has been at the shelter for over a year!  He definitely needs a home to call his own.  He's a little shy and needs a quieter home versus the shelter.  Check out Ace here:

Go visit Mayzie for more info and to pawticipate.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Mayzie's Rescue Me Week

I am pawticipating in Mayzie's Rescue Me Week in honor of Grampa J.

I would like to re-introduce you all to Mac!  Mac was my foster brother for a little while and I loved having him around.You may already know Mac - I blogged about him here:

While he was with us  I tried to teach him to swim, but that is kinda like the blind leading the blind since I can't actually swim.  We played with toys together, we played bitey face, and I enjoyed spending time going on rides and walkies wif him.

Well, he's still looking for a home!  Can you believe it, nobody has gobbled him up yet.  I don't understand he's a lovebug and likes everyone.  He deserves a forever home.  See his pet finder page here, along wif a video of us playing!!!  And if you live in Maine or NH and would like more information on Mac please contact Coastal Maine Great Dane Rescue!

If you would like to pawticipate in this most generous Rescue Me Week, go see Mayzie.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Agility Update

Look at me go...... I think I've got a handle on the jump now..

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Recap of my Birthday Adventure

On my birthday my hoomans took me on an adventure.  We drove up the big mountain in our National Park.  
 Cadillac Mountain is 1532 feet high and it is the first place to see the sun rise in the US.
 I sniffed the whole way up the winding road.
 We still have some color left in our trees..... 
 And then we arrived to the top!
 The air was nice and fresh, too bad it wasn't that sunny out though.
 And it was kind of cold and windy.  It was maybe 30 degrees out. My nose may have been running a little.
 And I may have picked it... BOL.
 We said goodbye to the views and headed back down the mountain.

 Then we drove over to the Trails for a walkie.
 I had to stay on leash in the national park but I still got to explore plenty.
 There was a nice stream to get a fresh drink in.
 Also, there are some pretty nice stone bridges to walk over.
 I had a great adventure on my birthday.