Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Open Wide - Show us your tongue

Twinkie is having a contest "SHOW US YOUR TONGUE" to help celebrate National Dog Week. Please go enter and help us all celebrate National Dog Week!

Monday, September 20, 2010

I gots a case of the Mondays....

Tell me when it's Tuesday....

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Foodables for Shelters

PEDIGREE® is giving out a free 20lb bag of dog food for every blog post between now and the 19th.

Do you know how much 20lbs can help? My BFF Diesel was a shelter dog, and not only was he a shelter dog - he was a 3 time shelter dog! People kept returning him cause he was too big? Can you imagine?
This post is for him, I luvs you buddy!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

I wanna be like Mango

So Mango is doing a contest to see who wants to be like Mango. I wanna be like Mango the deadline is Sept 25th and all you gots to do is say how you are like Mango.

You know that tool belt picture of Mango, yeah so he's got a thing for tools - thinks he's some kinds of Handydog. Well when I was a puppy I had an entire tool box.
Mango is big fan of the agilities and and finds the equipment a little small for him. Well, I tried my hand at flyball and the equipment was too small for me too.

Mango Meditates - Tucker Meditates

Mango goes to school, I went to school. I gots a certificate and everything to prove it.

Mango like to let it all hang out. I don't mind letting it all hang out myself. Including Nards.

Post Nards........
Mango is a messy eater and drools a lot. Now I'm a messy eater and I drool a little myself.

Mango's got a pool, I gots a pool. Err... Water dish.

Mango claims to be 230lbs - he seems pretty short in this picture with me, so I don't know his height. But I weigh only 140lbs.

Mango Loves car rides, I love car rides too!

Mango was named after somethin' - the Fruit. I was named after somethin' -

A Trashcan.
Mango's got an annoying Brudder, I gots an annoying Brudder.

Mango helps with the landscaping, I do too....
Um stairs, um NO.

And I'm also a snazzy dresser!

And of course I luvs cookies, but really - who doesn't?

Um I thinks I gots lots of "Mangoness" in me? In fact I thinks I am tantamount to Mango. BOL. there is my Mango big fancy shmancy word......

Whatcha got for Mangoness? Don't forgets to enter his contest!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Woofstock & Staycation Winner

This Saturday was Woofstock and I was so excited about being there and getting to meet so many other doggies! Momma didn't take many pictures, (I know she takes like hundreds of pictures if I'm just sleeping - well she took barely any and there were so many cool dogs... hmph.) but here are a few of the big ones:

Bella the Dane

A saint bernard puppy that is only 1!

And this little fella is only 10 weeks - he's an Irish Wolfhound & Lab mix. So he counts as big cause he's gonna really grow!

At woofstock I got stage fright and couldn't perform my tricks, or bark loud, and I didn't give the judge a very good pawshake (cause he was a cat person and I could tell) ... I just layed down in the shade of the tent instead, I was just hot and the shade of the tent was comfy. But, I was a big winner for Largest Dog. It was easy cause I didn't have to do nothin'.

And I gots to pick a prize and Momma took the only "size appropriate" toy they had for me. Meet my Lobster - he's the bestest toy and I don't care about any other toys right now. He's got rope legs, a honker, 2 squeakers, a rattle , and 2 tags -- oops 1 tag now.

Oh and now it's time to announce the big Prize winner for the Staycation Competition. If haven't seen everyones entry go HERE.

Thank you to all the contestants that entered! Every pup was a winner cause they gots to go on an adventure with their hoomans in order to enter.

The official winner of the box load of Maine in Maine Doggie & Hooman treats is....

Maggie Mae!!!!
I'll contact you shortly Maggie Mae to get your snail mail.
Thanks Everyone!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Kitty Tortures

Looks what I found on Momma's camera! It's pictures from the kitties going to the vet for their shots and a checkup. They had the best time ever can't you tell?


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Kitty Brudder Update & Staycation Update

My recycled kitty brudder is doing well. He gets along great with evil kitty brudder Patch and Ellie is starting to warm up to him. I have been chasin' him.... That's just cause his tail is so bushy and he smells funny. Momma says I did the same thing with Patch and I gots over it in time. Don't worry peeps he is not left unattended with me...

We have decided to name him Vader. He has a big head and breathes very heavy... BOL Darth Vader.

So far the Entries for the Staycation are as Follows:

Betty & Cali
Maggie Mae
Wyatt & Stanzie
Tucker & Daisy

Please Let me know if I have missed your entry!

Please get you entries to me by Saturday at the latest! I am drawing a winner on Sunday.

Monday, September 6, 2010

View From the Top - Bowl Edition

A hiking we will go - I'm always in the lead.
What a beautiful day now that hurricane Earl is outta here!
I needs a water break - don't forgets to stay hydrated
What the? A pond? We hiked over 400 ft up a mountain to go to a pond??
I'll check it out, it's kinda refreshing

On the way back down I asked Momma and Dad if we could do this trail........
For somes reason they says no... Does it look too steep to you?
Anyway we continued back down....
Remember if yous gotta poop, you gotta pick it up. It's key to responsible doggie behavior....
I enjoys living in Maine......