Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Baby Chicks, it's raining kittehs, and my football

So this stuff isn't related at all but I wanted to share it all, so I'll cram it one post....
First off the baby chicks are now 6 weeks old- can you believe it?  Momma Lady Gaga chicken is still a proud Momma strutting around with her babies.  There are 4 babies and we are sure that #4 is a Rooster.  We think the other 3 are all girls (pullets)!

We can't keep them all but Momma is very happy that #5 (the baby she saved) is a girl! 
My kitteh Brudder Vader was practicing for the couch potato peeling contest and he fell off the couch!

Yup, this is a partial wipe-out photo - he peeled out off the couch - BOL!
And lastly - I just luvs my JW pet football - Dis be my 3rd one cause I play wif them so much I wears them out. I previous had 2 green ones, this 1 be black.  They squeak and are just fabulous.
What do you mean you can't see the football?

 Ok here it is..

BOL, sometimes I crack myself up I is still laughing abouts Vader falling off the couch.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Let the Games Begin!

We are very excited to be part of the Blogville Olympics!

Are official Badges are In!

Vader and I are PAWticipating in the following events:
July 27

July 28

July 29

July 30

July 31

Aug 4

Aug 8

Aug 9

Aug 10

Aug 12

We wish you all luck - LET THE GAMES BEGIN!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Alright Who sent this?

Yes I am a Great Dane
I weight 143 lbs
Yes we comes in this Color- it's called harlequin - No I do not have Dalmatian in Me
Yes I live inside - no we don't have a Huge house
No I don't eat that much - I only eats 4 cups a day
No I have no Saddle

Now that we has that cleared up--- Who is the joker that sent this too me?

 I am not Equine!
Your humor does not Amuse the Tucker....

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Splashing and an intruder

OMG!  Look what Dad found in MY backyard on Sunday! It be a snapping turtle!
 She climbed in under a spot in the fence and Dad saw her when he was mowing, I"m sure glad he found her.  She saw him and wanted to get away, so she started climbing the fence!
 Don't worry though Dad took her off the fence carefully and let her escape on the other side of the fence.  And I was inside the whole time but the hoomans are sure glad they found Miss Turtle and not me, it may have hurted me.  She was bigger than the kittehs!
 Also we've had a nice stretch of weather here and I spent some time at the pond splashing and chasing sticks. (see how good my knee is !)

Do you wants to come splash wif me?

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I gots a new couch!

A couple of weeks ago Momma and Dad took my couch down to the basement.....
 Brought inside these scary boxes...
 And it was new couch for me!  Plus a new chair for Dad and Vader.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Chick Magnet

So guess what, I gots baby chickens!  Back in June my chicken Lady Gaga went broody.  Basically that means she starts stealing all the eggs and sitting on them.  She wanted to be a mom.  The only problem is that we gots no rooster, so all that work Lady Gaga was doing was for nothing!  So we gots 6 eggs from a farm so that Lady Gaga could be a surrogate mom. (Lady is grumpy because I guess eggs aren't comfy when you sits on them?)

So she sat on the eggs for what was suppose to be 21 days. But on Day #19! The first little monster was born.
Come the morning 4/6 eggs were hatched and when Dad gots home the first chick had jumped it's barrier and was running around the coop with the rest of the adult chickens - NOT GOOD.  Fortunately the chick wasn't hurt and we moved Lady and the 4 babies to a temporary coop.  Chick #5 had hatched but since Lady Gaga was running around with first chicken she had ignored it.  So Chick #5 and Egg #6 came inside for the night.  After 36 hours chick #6 didn't make it but Chick #5 was healthy as could be.
 We reintroduced chick #5 to Lady Gaga and she pecked it!  So after reading some stuff about it online at nighttime the hoomans snuck the 5th chick under Lady Gaga when she was sleeping.  The next morning she had 5 babies instead of 4 and happy as could be.  Chickens are stoopid, they can't count.  Meet the babies:
Chicken #1 and #2
Chicken #3, #4, and #5

Lady Gaga and her babies, they are growing fast.
 So I is raising more babies but I can't keeps them all.  We can't keeps any if they are boys and we only have room for 2 girls.  So, when they are older and we can tell what they are 3 babies will go to another family.  Momma's favorite is the brown chick#5 so hopefully that is a girl :)

Oh and a picture of me cause this is my blog!  Isn't my new snake stuffy pawesome!