Sunday, July 31, 2011

A hiking trip

A couple weekends ago I went for hiking adventure.
There were some nice views on the way up.

You have to follow the blue marks to know where to go.
It was hot and I was deciding to stay in the shade.

But, then we reached the top.
And we could see very far!
And when we came down I cooled off in the ocean.
Remember not to drink salt water, I always forgets at first, but then I remember.
I love going for hikes, but boy do they make me tired!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

HULA hooping

I googled how to Hula Hoop from Ehow....
1. Take hold of the hula hoop.
2. Lower it down to about ankle level.
3. Step into it (with both feet).
4. Bring it up to just below your waist.
5. Hold it with both hands and pull it forward so that it's resting against your back.
6. With both hands, fling the hoop to the left so that its inner edge rolls in a circle around your body. Do this a few times so that you get the feel of it.

They need to have better instructions.........

Thursday, July 21, 2011

I gots Pressies!!!

OMG - I gots a package in the mail today!  It was from my friend Corbin!  Corbin and I went on an adventure to Las Vegas together (see that adventure here) and he sent me thank you pressies!

Oh What is in here!
 Look at all the loot!
 I gots cookies, a blue toy, a red bone stuffy, two big doggie tennis balls, a skunk non-stuffy, a bully stick and french fries!
 That's me... ALL sizes.
 I loves all the pressies and can't decide which toy to play wif first.....
 Thank you so much Corbin, you are so generous!


Thursday, July 14, 2011

Drool Bubbles

Hi Everyone!  Sorry I've been gone forever!  The hoomans have been very busy and not able to helps me wif my blogging.  I finally convinced Momma that we needed to do a post!  So, I had to pick something really exciting to talk about.  Do I pick the 4th of July wif Diesel, the progress of my chickens, Vader's vet visit?  Nope - I want to talk about somethin' very impawtant.  Drool Bubbles.  They aren't that easy to do you know.  Here is an example of my talent.....

Both Sides!

A dropped bubble wif staying power!

What caused all these bubbles?

 Yes, Cheese crackers!  Does this mean I'm a cracker dog?  I sure hope not!

I'm sorry to all my bloggy friends I've been neglecting... I don't thinks we will ever catch up!