Saturday, March 21, 2015

We think it's Spring?

Wowee what a rough winter of snow.  We've been trapped inside for much of it! I've been limited to my adventures and most are related to sitting in the car while momma gets an errand done. 
We've gotten a boat load of snow this winter and I can't be outside very long in it.  It gets stuck between my toes and makes my feets hurt.  The walkies adventures I did get to go on I had to wear my boots.  I don't mind them but Dad says I look foolish like I is in a marching band.
Brudder Tyson thinks the snow is fabulous.  He's such a weirdo, must be a mastiff thing.
 He's all grown up now and is definitely my bestest buddy.  He's always freaking happy.
And he has to be next to me or the hoomans all the times, he's a shadow doggie.
We spend time playing everyday. Momma says he keeps me young.
 I still needs my beauty rest though.
I'm hoping Spring will bring some sunshine and adventures!