Monday, August 29, 2011

I'm still here, but I've been busy!

Sorry I've been gone for so long but right after my last post I gots a foster brother! Meet Mac!  Mac came from New York to our Rescue and I gots to teach him about how fun being a dog is.  See being a dog isn't about being tied up all the time or stuffed away in a kennel, he didn't know that.
Mac and I got along pretty well, in fact I was mopey for 2 days after he left.  Mac has gone to be with another foster family becuase he didn't like kittehs at all.  In fact the kittehs had to stay in the basement because Mac wanted to eat them.  So, Mac stayed with us for almost 4 weeks and then he went to learn more doggie stuff from another family.  He has adjusted super well to the new foster family they don't have kittehs.
Mac and I went to the pond together a few times, I tried to teach him to swim - but, I don't know how to swim.  So, I taught him hows to run in the water...

And our of the water....

Also, I made sure to teach Mac the importance of a good game of tug.  He learned to cheat all on his own.
I miss Mac and I hope he finds his forever home real soon!