Saturday, October 24, 2009

Somebody has been sleeping in my Bed!

So, someone has been sleeping in my bed. I know cause it's dented in and it smells funny. I figured I'd ask kitty sister Ellie if she knew anything about it. I've caught her sleeping in my crate before so she is the most likely culprit.

"Nope, not me - I promise. I've been sleeping in Dad's chair -- see "

It's highly unlikely but I checked with my other sister Shelby.
But, she can't escape her tank so it can't be her.

I've been watching carefully and I finally caught them red handed. The evil kitty brothers!
They know that bed isn't theirs but they could care less. Hmph...


  1. we have the same problem over here, I know how you feel. Miss Sophie KitTON thinks she is a Great Dane, but she is actually a cat. In order to cover up those feline smells of hers, she takes it upon herself to hog my bed every time I get up. She rubs and rubs and rubs herself all over the if the beautiful smell of Great Dane will somehow permeate her fluffy coat.

    silly cat.

    wags, wiggles & slobbers

  2. Fearless felines at it again! You're awfully nice to share your bed though.

  3. Ooh , mustn't mess with cats when they choose to sleep in your bed! My kitty sister used to kick me off all the time! I was really scared of her...everyone used to laugh at me!

    Honey the Great Dane