Sunday, January 13, 2013

Oh My, it's been awhile

OMG - It's been awhile since the Momma helped me wif the bloggin'. I mean even though Rugen has thumbs she can't type for crap.  I tried to have her help wif my bloggy by typing "Hi All, I hope you had a good New Year!" 

All it said was... "e u  g Ne er!" 
She's such a brat she only uses the keys that spell RUGEN.

Well, we haven't been doing much so there isn't too much exciting to blog abouts. We gots bunches of snow to start the year....

Which didn't make the chickens too happy since they had a whole inch in their run!  I had 20 + inches in my backyard.  Dad had to snowblow the backyard so I could poop.

Besides that we've just been lounging around. 
After all, that's what I do best!