Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Ellie, the Guard Kitteh.
Tucker, the Guard Dog

Sunday, March 27, 2011

New Photo Challenge Contest

I've decided to have photo challenge contest for one of my favorite activities - Dogya!  I knows that you all have some interesting poses - upright, downward, inverted - we'll take them all!  The rules are simple.
1 - Post your yoga photo entry on your bloggie or email it to me at tuckergreatdaneATgmailDOTcom. (your entry will be re-posted on my bloggie, so entering gives me permission to post your photo).
2 - Include your name, blog link, and the name of your pose!
3 - Due date for entries is April 15th.

Here is my favorite pose, I call it the Inverted Tucker Twist..... I've been working on it since I was a wee pup..... 

Good Luck everyone!  The winner gets a surprise goodie bag.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Missing Troubles - One Year Later

In memory of my Kitteh brudder Troubles.  It's been one year since we said goodbye and we still miss you everyday.  5/16/93- 3/23/10.

Some of the Good times......

Monday, March 21, 2011

I is an only child

 Ok, ok, when you don't count the kittehs I is an only child.  Navajo had to go back to the daycare/kennel foster.  Turns out she has this thing called separation anxiety and would whine every time Momma was outa sight.  Plus, she escaped the crate the first day the hoomans went to work - we ran around loose in the house unsupervised all day.  (Momma says it's a miracle we didn't get hurt, hurt each other, or destroy anything).  So, the next days she tried to get out of the crate that now had wire ties on it.  In the process Navi was hurting her nose from pushing on the crate all day.  Also, she was resource guarding and scaring me.  The resource was food, and Momma.   I had to make big loops out around her and I couldn't go near Momma.  So Momma had to take her back so she wouldn't get hurt. 

I was so tired from not sleeping...... Seriously look at my eyes.....

But, everything is back to how it use to be and it looks like I won't be getting a sister anytime soon.  We'll try fostering at another time.

In other news, I spent the weekend sunbathing....

Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Couch Thief

Meet my new foster Sister Navajo!  She's my first foster sister ever and I was really excited to meet her.  I like her lots but she has one MAJOR flaw.
She is a couch thief.
(in case you can't tell I is the one on the left)

Note from Momma: Tucker isn't being pushed off the couch, he simply doesn't get on it if Navajo is up there first.  We are very proud of how well Tucker is behaving having another Dane in the house.  He was so excited yesterday when we brought her here he did zoomies 4 times.  Navi slept in her crate last night and Tucker made sure to sleep in the bed with us, which he rarely does.  He doesn't appear too jealous, yet.  My concern was the toys, we picked up most of the toys but Navi  doesn't appear  interested in them anyway.   This is our first foster, we are very excited and are trying very hard not to fall in love with her too much.

Friday, March 11, 2011

I got no title for this

Whew what a week.  All Momma did was whine abouts having so much to do!  She had the pukey sickies over the weekend and neglected to do something fun wif me.  Anyways this week was quick and the hoomans have been acting all busy like.  Something is up I tell you.  Momma says I'll be fine but I think something is going on.

Anyway Wednesday was Dad's birfday.  I gots all excited and got to help him open his pressies. 
I gots him a battery  powered fan air freshener for the Truck.  That way when I ride wif him and I gots the toots he just has to push a button and the good smells come out and make it all better. 
See how thoughtful I am?

Momma got him dumb movies and video games and a gift certificate.  Not as thoughtful as my toot cover upper.
I was super helpful wif opening the gifts.
We are hoping things slow down here soon so we can start commenting again on our friends bloggies.  We've been doing our best at reading but slacking big time on leaving my valuable opinion on your posts.  For example Big Dog Honey, this is how you take care of kittehs:
Step 1 - Leave paper bag on floor
Step 2- Have a kitteh in the house, the kitteh will crawl in bag
Step 3 - Put Bag in Trash.

BOL - I cracks myself up.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Catch up

Momma is helping me catch up on Bloggies, I've been reading but not commenting that much, so I is apologizing to my bloggie friends that aren't getting comments from me. I sorry.

Anyway, this past Saturday I had my annual check up & shots at the vet.  My normal 2 vets were not there so I had the poopy vet  (I've never had him before but the kitteh's have).  Momma had him check my back legs out because I hurt the left one last year and then I hurted the right one abouts a month ago.  The right one I hurts getting into the tub (I think I might have got my foot caught on the shower curtain or somethin').  We aren't sure if I hurt my leg, toe, paw, hip, whatever.  I limped for a couple days but I didn't complain.  In fact I had no problems doing zoomies, jumping on the bed, or getting on the couch.  So Momma gave it time.  Anyway, the vet found nothing abnormal in his physical examination.  So I is good!  He did tell Momma she shouldn't bathe me in the tub cause I'm too big.  He said I should be bathed outside wif a hose!  Can you believe it?  It's like 2 degrees outside you dip poop, I have no furs!  I'd be an icicle outside!  So Momma is ignoring him and will make sure that I am not tired when I needs a bath and we will be extra careful.

Oh and other good news!  My histocytoma from here and here ?  GONE! You would never know it was even there.

And Momma mades me a new collar:
If you likes it you can bid on a 1" one over at the Crossed Paws auction site for Richie and Ronni.  Also, don't forgets to stop by on the 10th of March so that you can gives me a smooch in the kissing booth! 

I guess that's about it.  My adventures have been limited as we gots another 13" of snow dumped on us over the past 4 days.  My paws are crossed that spring will be here soon!