Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sit-Stay Voting!

The entries are below (Name is above picture) . Please cast your vote in the poll to the right. Winner will be announced February 6th. Don't cheat, it's rude & silly.

Entry #1 Junior

Entry #2 Remi

Entry # 3 Toby

Entry # 4 Mack

Entry # 5 Sally Ann

Entry #6 Droopy

Entry #7 Murphy

Entry #8 Miss M. & Mr. B.

Entry#9 Chelsea

Entry #10 Dexter

Entry #11 Mango

Entry #12 Frankie Furter

Entry #13 Stanislaw
Entry #14 Dory

Entry #15 Fiona

Entry #16 Jazzi

Entry #17 Bella & Brinks

Entry #18 Honey

Entry #19 Jackal

Entry #20 Thai

Entry #21 Hauwii

Entry #22 Byron

Entry #23 Pepper

Entry #24 Cinnamon

Entry #25 Sasha
Entry #26 Chip

Entry #27 Ginger

Entry #28 BabyRocketDog

Entry #29 Brutus

Entry #30 Heidi

Entry #31 Samantha

Entry #32 Sassy

Entry #33 Frankie

Entry #34 Linguini

Entry #35 Luke

Entry #36 Molly

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sit - Stay Update

I've been receiving some great entries for my sit-stay competition and I just wanna say some of you puppers are strange! The way you sit, what you sit on, and my momma thought I was weird. I'm just glad I'm not judging and all you are.

I've received 25 entries already and the deadline is January 30th, so don't forget to enter if you haven't already (see rules here) .

Contestants that have entered should have received a pee-mail confirmation from me, if you didn't please contact me, we don't want anyone left out.

Now to conclude I will add a picture of my handsome self performing an advanced "sit on clean laundry"

Oh and Pee. S. Don't forget to visit Murphy and wish him a happy 1st Birthday!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I gots an Award

My new friend Dennis has given me an award! Thank you, Thank you. Am I suppose to do an acceptance speech? I gets nervous in front of big crowds, I'm sensitive you know.

But anyway, I'm super excited and I get to award this to 3 of my other bloggy friends.

So, I'd like to give it to:
Dexter, who has currently taken over Mango's Blog

Brinks from kissa-bull, cause if he takes over the world I wanna be on his side.

And Lily at The PR Gang , cause I have a crush on her.

Please accept this award and reward it to 3 of your doggie bloggie friends.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Winter Walkies

This week it snowed on Monday, it snowed on Tuesday, and it really snowed on Wednesday. I was stuck inside all week.

But, the snow finally stopped:
So, since I was stuck inside all week, this weekend Momma and Dad took me to one of favorite walking places. I haven't been here since the fall so I was super excited. Here are some pictures of me enjoying my winter walk. Pee.S. I wear a coat cause I get cold.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Tucker's Sit - Stay Competition

Welcome all Doggies & Cat Doggies to my Sit Stay competition! A Mango Minster Officially Sanctioned Event.

This is a photo contest for your best sit stay, and it doesn't have to be traditional! I myself find fun and interesting things to sit on all the time. I sit on laps, on the back window of the car, I sit upside down, etc.

Official Rules:
1 - Either A) post your entry on your bloggy and send me an email ( that you entered
B) send your entry directly to me at
2 - One picture per contestant (Must be all natural, no photo shop)
3 - You need a bloggy to enter (sorry my loser kitty brothers, you have no bloggy)
4 - In your entry please include:
Your Name:
Your Bloggy:
Your Pee-Mail:
5 - Deadlines must be received by January 30th midnight my time (EST)
6 - I will post the entries on my bloggy February 1st for voting
7 - Voting will end on Midnight February 5th
8 - I'll take the top 3 vote getter's and pull a name from a hat. Posting the Winner on February 6th.
9 - the winner will receive a donation in their name ($20) to the charitable rescue / shelter of their choosing.
10 - Rainbow bridge doggies and kitties can still enter, but please indicate that it is a rainbow bridge entry.

Wow, that's a lot of rules... here are some examples of how I would enter, but don't worry I can't enter:

Me sitting on Dad - (pee.s. don't tell him I posted a picture of his butt on the interwebs.. .he he.. )

Me sitting on the Couch

Monday, January 18, 2010

Toy Testing Tuesday

Subject: Tire Biter Paw Tracks

What the Toy Claims: “Tire Biter Paw Tracks are durable pet toys that dogs of all ages enjoy! They are the perfect dental chew device. The combination of soft natural rubber and nylon fibers removes plaque and tartar build up. These toys can also be very effective training tools. TireBiter Paw Tracks are great for addressing chewing, digging, and separation anxiety behaviors. Additional uses include throwing, fetching, and providing entertainment for bored pups. Because this dog chew toy has a hollow area, it’s a great place to put treats and other snacks in. Made from a durable, safe, and soft rubber. Act now and get TireBiter Paw Tracks for your dog's chew toys.”

Amount of Toy allowance used: $18.99, ouch
How much of a mess it made: lots
How long until I broke it: less than an hour
Can I play with it when nobody’s watching: nope
Is it repairable?: no, but I can still sort of use it
Overall Fun rating (0-10): 9
Will Momma & Dad buy it for me again: no