Friday, August 31, 2012

A hike and my new work in progress vest

This past weekend I gots to go on my first hike since my knee ouchies back in November.  Momma and Dad wanted to make sure we waited for my cruicate to heal as much as possible.  Basically because the Tucker has two speeds: zero & 100.  I spend most my time at 0, but my hikes are at 100.
We climbed a smaller mountain with very few jumps and steep spots....

Still a nice hike that lasted about 45 min, I was tired afterwards but happy to say that I don't appear sore or limpy at all!  Yippee for healed knees!

Oh and do you likes my new vest?  It is to keep the PUParazzi away.  I gets too much attention and I am working on trusting strangers again (the quick back story is some dude hit me on my face and scared the crap out of me  almost 2 years ago.  I is sometimes scared when men approach me quickly and  I bark and jump at them if they do it).  Momma and Dad get stressy having to watch everything around me so closely all the time, this makes our lives a lot easier!   If you would like more info you can go to 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Why am I so hungry - a kitteh brudder Patch post

I Tucker rarely let the kittehs post on my bloggy but I is making an exception for kitteh brudder Patch today.....

A picture of me first....

Now he may do his posty....  

I has been starving lately and a couple of months ago I was having the pukeys at least once a week.  You know the kind when you scarf all your food down and then drink all kinds of water and *poof* it all comes back up cause your stomach can't handle it?  So my momma & dad put the automatic feeder up so I could be fed mutiple times a day at the same time every day.  Ta da no more pukeys.  But I was still hungry...
So they started giving me a little extra each night, soft food - yummers.  Now I am 16 years old so I am getting thinner because us oldies lose muscle tone. And I was due for my regular annual exam so she ask Mr. Vet if this was normal for an old guy like me.

Nope not normal to be this hungry.

(Hey are you gonna eat that?)

Not normal to have a fast heart beat (which you couldn't hear over my purrs).

Mr. Vet expected Hyperthyroidism, the blood test confirmed it. So I needs medicine twice a day and I go back in 30 days to see if I am doing better.  But, I will need medicine the rest of my life.  Radiation is an option but the pills are not very expensive.  Only 60 cents a day for 2 pills.

So I should be feeling better soon.  Momma looked up some of the Signs of Hyperthyroidism and now understands why Mr. Vet said we caught this early.
* Weight loss (check)
* Increased appetite (check)
* Increased thirst and urination (hmm maybe)
* Vomiting (check)
* Diarrhea (not yet)
* Hyperactivity (not yet)
* Matted or greasy coat (not yet)

So, I'll take my pills and eat my foodables with the others.  In a month I go back to see if I am regulated. 
At least I won't be so hungry now. And it is important to go for your yearly checkup! If any of you kittehs out there have hyperthyroidism my Momma would love to have some advice.

Meowsers - Patch

Monday, August 27, 2012

My world is ending.....

Oh the horror!  I gots a new sister and guess what......

it's another kitteh!
Don't lets these cute eyes, big ears fool you, she's got 6 toes on each front foot - the better to scratch your eyes out.

Kitteh brudder Patch barely let her out of the carrier before he fell in luvs wif her (you can't see but her butt is in the carrier still in this picture).

Kitteh brudder Vader is teaching her to fetch his things......
And he luvs her too... can't tell were one starts and the other begins

She looks all sweet and cute for a 3 month old.  Momma and Dad rescued her from the shelter that Vader came from too, she was born in a barn to a stray.  

She is crazy!  
She's taking over my toys....

And you know what I gots out of all this?  Nothing but a new pet gate!!!!

That's right the door is closed for me and open for them, how unfair!  The hoomans haven't even named her yet and she's taking over all my stuff!

Note from Momma: Vader and Patch absolutely love this little girl.  It's been 16 years since I had a kitten so she has lots of energy.  Patch and Vader have showed her everything and she really is a little sweetheart with a wild side.  Tucker has the gate because he isn't very nice about giving space.  It will take time for her to adjust to Tucker's total lack of meeting kitty manners. The basement is partially finished (furniture and all) and the cats have free range upstairs (with the gate) when we are home to supervise.  Otherwise, they stay in the basement safe from Tucker, it's always been that way.  We need to work on Tucker and the new kitten getting along and we need to decide on a name for her too.  

Friday, August 17, 2012

Photo Shoot - I'm a Model

I'm a model you know what I mean

And I do my little turn on the cat dog walk

Yeah on the   cat dog walk on the   cat dog walk yeah

I shake my little tush on the   cat dog walk

BOL... You hoomans are goin' be singin' dat all day.  Don't blame me, blame Right Said Fred.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

BAD to the BONE contest

Sometime you just gotta be bad.  I mean we are all bad at some point in time and sharing it wif others makes our hoomans feel less crazy! So until September 21st I am accepting entries for my BAD TO THE BONE contest.  The winner will receive a  $25 donation to the  pet rescue of their choice and a gift for themselves.  So being bad can work for something good!

 Sometimes our acts are caught on camera, sometimes not. So,  here are the official rules:
1- Send an email to tuckergreatdaneATgmailDOTcom with your name & blog address (if you don't have a blog that is ok)
2- the email should include the description of your bad behavior & a photo of you (caught in the act is better but if you weren't caught any picture of you looking guilty will do!)
3 - Deadline is Sept 21st
4 - Any guilty animal may enter (we all know how BAD kittehs can be!), one entry per animal please
5 - Since my Dad is the disciplinarian around here he gets to vote on the baddest of the BAD, winner will be announced shortly after the deadline. 

So to give you some ideas here are some entries.....  

Here are some examples of me doing stuff to be BAD on purpose - Yup I knew the difference between right an wrong and choose the low road people..
 Tearing it up'
 Chasing the kitteh when he was trying to nap

 Peeing on the deck cause I was too lazy to go out in the snow.

And an entry with no "caught in the act" picture would include my barking and lunging at Mr. Vet when I had knee ouchies. Dis be a guilty face.

Now sometimes you can be BAD by accident!  I mean you can't help it sometimes.  Like the  time I gave Momma a black eye when I headbutted her when trying to get comfy on the bed.

Or the time I pooped on my Foster Brother Mac.  Yup his nose was somewhere it didn't belong.

And of course Kittehs can be BAD too!  
Here is Vader going all Godzilla on Dad's Christmas village display.

Now I know some of you are thinking - oh no isn't  this rewarding for bad behavior?  Yup it is, and I luvs it! BOL!

I look forward to your entries, mostly cause it makes me feel in good company to be around other baddies!  Good luck and enjoy your chance to shine!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I is embarrassed

Words cannot describe how incredibly embarrassing this video is.  All I can say to defend myself is that I was really tired from my weekend adventure to my Aunt D's.

It gets really embarrassing from 20 seconds on......

Sunday, August 5, 2012

A lesson in stick life guarding

#1 - Look for sticks in the pond, usually thrown in by a careless hooman
 #2 Save the stick from drowning and bring it back to shore
 #3 Quickly run back in the pond in search of the next helpless stick!
#4 Sometimes you have to search really far to finds them!
#5 Save stick from drowning, bring back to shore
 #6  Sometimes the sticks can be really hard to find.  If you listen closely you can hears them gurgling.
#7 Run to the rescue of the stick!
#8 Even big sticks can need saving!  Pull them to shore to keeps them safe. 
Okays - Did you get that all?  I know stick life guarding is a hard job but it can be rewarding too.  Just as long as the sticks don't go beyond where I can touch,  I will be there to saves them!