Monday, August 30, 2010

Workin' for a living

This weekend I had to work - ugh it's hard I tell you - even if your shift is only an hour. I had to wear my donation vest for the Great Dane Rescue and go around meetin' peeps. This was a fundraiser for a doggie park and there were all kinds of rescues & vendors there. Here are some of the doggies I gots to meet:

Afterwards I got to go visit Diesel! We went for a long walk...

Here you go Norwood - check out how fat this guy is!

All the walkin' left us pooped......
Pee S - I have a HUGE announcement to make on Wednesday - I think I'll do it Wordless......

Thursday, August 26, 2010

I hate Birds....

Well as promised here is the loon video:

I hate loons! And yes, maybe I was barking at my own echo.....

Also, I hates Turkeys!
It's not Thanksgiving - get outta my yard

--- Come back in November I dares you!

Disclaimer - No birdies were hurt in the makin' of these films..... I gives all birdies a free pass the first time - BOL!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Contest Updates!

Hello All - Don't forget to enter my STAYCATION contest, time is runnin' out! All yous got to do is go on a new adventure with your hoomans and blog abouts it! See the contest HERE. We'll draw a random winner for a boatload of Maine Made Touristy Treats! There are some blueberry doggie cookies I've been eyeballing but Momma won't let me have them ... Hmph..

Anyway -
Check out those that have entered the Contest so far:


she lives in Seattle with her Mom and Dad and gets to go lotsa places with them. She's a blue Dane thats just slightly younger then me. Check out her Adventure to Lopez Island !

Shannon -
Shannon is a new Dane friend, a Harlequin like me! She's just a puppy that is just too adorable! She enjoys having pictures taken of her - I can't believe someone likes the flashy machine. Go visit her and her trip to the Longview Dog Show.

Honey -

Ok, everyone should know the Beautiful Honey. She's a famous Dancing Dane that lives in Australia now. She gets to go on tons of cool adventures and to all kinds of training camps. She so well behaved it's crazy and she even performs in front of strangers dancing with Hsin-Yi. She's been in books and on an airplane. Her latest adventure is to Bribie Island, go visit her and check it out.

Sasha -

Sasha is a Princess and has been feeling a little under the weather but still takes time with her hoomans to explore and enjoy life. She took us on a tour of her hometown and did losta modeling for the flashy machine. She's got some strange looking trees out there!Go visit her tour of Redlands!

Betty & Cali -

These are new friends that I just met in bloggy land! They took a hot hot day and went to the ocean. They are so adorable in their video and I'm now almost 100% positive I'm the only doggie in the world that can't swim. Go visit them and say hi!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

An Award that I have to share with Evil kitty brother

I got this pawesome award from my Friend Maggie Mae who is a jumpin' bean boxer. And from my friend Lucille - have you met her yet? She's Italian so she's from the land of pasta.
Thank you, thank you, Thank you!

Now I's gonna tell you 7 things abouts me and then unfortunately Evil Kitty Brudder Patch will tell you 7 things about himself. I don't want to let him use my bloggie but Momma says I can't have Pupperoni's if I don't let him post.

Anyway 7 things about me!
1 - I was the first born in my litter!
2- I weigh 139 lbs and I am 37" tall to my whithers
3- I don't counter surf - Really a Dane that leaves things alone!
4- I'm scared of bunnies - I had one scare me at a particular pet store and I refuse to go in the door to that pet store.
5- I hate veggies - especially peas - If they show up in my foodable I spit them on the floor.
6- I go to bed a 7 pm most nights
7- I'm a big boy now and have spent the last 3 weeks loose in the house when Momma and Dad go to work - no more XPEN!

Now for Evil Kitty Brother Patch:
1- I'm a 15 year old Black & White Short hair kitty
2- I'm super talkative and Meow all the time, I especially like to meow really load in the basement because it echos.
3- I don't like to be held.
4- When I was about 5 I was outside and I was attacked by a wild animal (most likely a fox). I had emergency surgery on my front leg and I broke blood vessels in my eye. So I get losta eye burgers on my white side on my face. Don't worry my leg is fine.
5- I don't get to go outside unless I'm on my harness and leash - Momma won't let me get attacked again.
6- I come to Dad when he calls me Stupid instead of my name Patch.
7- I luvs to play with catnip - I eats it.

Whew - that's enough evil kitty brother bloggin' back to me:
I'd like to give the award to anyone who hasn't received it yet. I see lots of my friends already have it, so if you don't please take it!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Tucker Versus the Stick

Don't laugh at me .... it was a very mentally stimulating situation.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My Vaction Part 2

Continuing my Vacation at the cabin...

Guess who - it's my BFF Diesel! He came to visit me for the day and boy does he love to swim.
He jumps right in after that tennis ball, you would think he had lab in him....
He even jumped in the boat, but only cause he dropped his tennis ball in there.
We saw some interesting froggies... I thought Norwood would enjoy them - count them 1,2.
Sadly Diesel could only stay for the day after swimming, runnin, naps, dinner, and a walkie we had to say goodbye.
Boy was I tired from my playing with Diesel all day - so on Wednesday I rested.
I did a little exploring on my own.
I did some modeling for the flashy machine.

I hate Loons. That's all I gotta say about them. Momma has a video about how much I hate them she'll post soon. They woke me up early, I wasn't very happy about it.

I did some more resting.
And I could see the fishies....
But, I had no luck catching them. :(
Friday: Last day at the Cabin...
Momma and Dad made me go home.

I was sad to leave. I thinks it's about time for another vacation already.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

My Vacation Part 1

My vacation was to a little cabin out in the woods, next to a quiet little lake - I brought Momma & Dad along too. We arrived on Saturday and left on Friday. Dad was all excited about fishing but he really didn't catch much, only 1 whole fish, BOL! Also, I didn't want to go swimming and I refuse to get in the boat. So I spent most of my time staying behind nappin' while Momma sat with me and read books.

There was losta packing to do! I'm a big dog so everything I need is also big. I had to make sure I had my xpen so I felt safe, my kuranda bed for napping outside, my llbean bed for comfy inside sleeping, toys, cookies, food, leashes, and I had to bring all kinds of water. The cabin didn't having running water so Momma and Dad had to brings lotsa bottled water for drinking and cooking. They had to boil water from the lake to use for the camping shower. Plus they had to use oil lamps at night because there was no electricity. Whoa - I really didn't think I'd survive with all this roughin' it, but I did.
Hmm.. not bad - Guess it will do for the week.
I spent most of the day hanging out with Momma while she read books. I guess it was pretty relaxing...

It was pretty cloudy and foggy on Monday morning so the hoomans took me to an ocean beach so that I could go for a nice walkie. We spent about an hour on the beach walk and then the weather started to clear so we headed back to camp and had a few chores to do.....

Back to camp......
Time to take out the trash, um what does that say?
Need to get a closer look....
OMG!!! Momma & Dad named me after a TRASHCAN! The horror!
After I settled down from the trashcan episode, Momma and Dad decided to make it up to me by letting me have hotdogs cooked over the campfire. Yous know how much I loves hotdogs.
Yum, Yum.....
The hotdogs made me feels better except Momma burnt one of mine...... Don't let her near an open flame... geesh.
Don't worry - I ate it anyway.
Stay tuned for the second part of my vacation next post.....