Thursday, May 15, 2014

Yeah! Tyson is OK - he's just special

I want to thank everyone for their good wishes for my baby brudder Tyson.  He is going to be just fine.  We finally got some answers from a super nice Ophthalmologist.  Tyson has multiple embryonic development issues in his eye.

Issue #1 (the brown spot on the left side of this photo)
- normal tissue in an abnormal location, in Tyson case it's more like skin. It isn't causing any irritation but may be more reactive since it's in his eye. Treatment is not warranted.

Issue #2 (the weird strings that make him have a constellation like look)
Persistent Pupillary membranes
- Strands left over from embryological development. The strands rarely grow outward in the eye but do not cause any problems. No treatment is needed.

Issue #3 Long Eyelids with mild tension in the sides (why you can see the whites of his eyes)
- This is causing some droopiness and exposure of the pink tissue in his eyes.  This may cause intermittent redness and irritation. The pupil size getting smaller was a response to irritation of the eyes.  If it occurs again, sterile eye wash to flush the eyes should solve the issue within 24 hours.

Overall Tyson's eyes are healthy!  He's just special because he developed differently than he should have. The Strands issue is very rare for the membranes to grow out so Tyson had lots of pictures taken so that he can help teach other Veterinarians, this was the Ophthalmologist first case of it.

We are all so thankful for your support, the great news and the care that the specialist provided.  We can now go back to playing and enjoying life knowing that Tyson will get to live with normal vision.