Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Saturday, March 27, 2010

An update and clean teeth

I'm not sure if you remember but six weeks ago I started my 2nd obedience class. And guess what, I graduated! In the fall I can take advanced obedience. I have improved dramatically on my heel and my come. I've been doing so well with my loose leash walking that I haven't worn my easy walk harness for over 5 weeks.

My leg is doing much better and I've gotten in trouble multiple times for doing zoomies. One more week of rest and I'll be all set again.

I wanted to share my toothbrush with you. It's called the easybrush and what momma does is put a little doggie toothpaste on the brush part and gives it to me to chew on for 2 minutes. It works really well at cleaning my teeth in the back.
It's important to keep your teeth all clean and my lips tend to get in the way when Momma uses a regular toothbrush. This is a pretty good solution for both of us.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Kitty Brother Troubles 5/16/93-3/23/10

Tucker's Momma here. Tucker's oldest kitty brother Troubles has gone to the rainbow bridge today.

Troubles was almost 17 years old and was diagnosed with diabetes 4 1/2 years ago. He had two urinary blockages in a row last year at this time and this morning we woke to another bladder problem. There was too much blood in his bladder and something was seriously wrong. We made the choice no pet owner wants to make, but it was his time. We all will miss him dearly as he was the longest living pet in all the family. May he roll in the grass and enjoy the naps in the sun with the others at the rainbow bridge.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring Sprain

I have an ouchie. The vet says I sprained my leg and now I have to take anti-inflammatory medicines for a week. Here is what happened. On Thursday night I went all cracker dog when I met my golden retriever neighbor dog. I hadn't seen him since fall and we ran/bounced over the place. I probably ran around for 15 minutes. Then on Friday I seemed a little stiff in the morning. Now this isn't out of the ordinary for me cause I sleep in a ball all night, but I'm usually fine in a few minutes. On Friday night Momma and Dad were all worried cause I was limping a little on my back leg. I yelped a couple times when trying to get comfortable in my crate at bed time. They brought me up on the bed and could tell my leg was hurting me. So Saturday morning I went to the vet. My vet squeezed me in at the end of business hours cause Momma thought I needed an x-ray. The vet says based on what I did and the reactions I was giving it was my muscles/tendons not my hip. Whew. No x-ray cause that requires anesthesia when the hips are involved (cause of all the weird positions they put you in). Anyway my vet did all kinds of rubbing/massage/ bending of my leg. We went home and I am on mandatory rest for 2 weeks! I spent 2 hours laying in the sun yesterday but I was too sore to get on the couch. Momma had brought the futon mattress out for me to lay on since it hurt to get up on the couch. Poor me.

Poor me.... ouchie leg ... no couch .....

This morning I am feeling better but Momma says that's the drugs talking. I am able to get up on the couch so she let me do it. My day is going to consist of sleeping, but that is pretty normal anyway. The vet said no off-leash for 2 weeks. Momma asked him and he said I can still go to class on Wednesday night since it is my graduation class. Just no playing with the other doggies. I'm starting to think there is an ouchie epidemic going on with us Danes. Kasha, Murphy, and Duchess be careful. Honey, Darwin, and I have already caught it.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Monday, March 15, 2010

My Trickies - VIDEO

I had a little bit of difficulties ringing my bell - the stupid thing wouldn't ring... but you get the idea.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Ellie edition

(OK, I know this is suppose to be wordless... but seriously I caught kitty sister Ellie spooning with Evil kitty brother #2. She is such a traitor.)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Toy Testing Tuesday

Subject: Monster Mouth

What the Toy Claims: "Your dog will enjoy hours of fun with the Monster Mouth the treat dispensing toy that bounces erratically and unpredictably keeping your dog entertained and on his toes while he “works” for his treats."

Amount of Toy allowance used: 8.99
How much of a mess it made: the toy doesn't make a mess but the cookies do.
How long until I broke it: not broken 8 months later
Can I play with it when nobody’s watching: yes
Is it repairable?: no need to repair, but not repairable if it breaks
Overall Fun rating (0-10): with cookies in it a 9. Without cookies a 1.
Will Momma buy it for me again: Yes
Special Note: I use this like my kongs, but I like it much better cause it has a bigger mouth to get the treats out of. The kongs are harder for me and I'm lazy if it's too hard. This toy won't be as challenging for some dogs.

More cookies please

Pee.S. today is my Daddy's birthday. That means I get ice cream - oops I mean, Happy Birthday Dad!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Spring Sneak Peak

Yesterday I went on my favorite walkie since the weather is so nice! Spring is coming and today sure felt like it.

First stop, the beach.... too cold to swim.

Next stop my walkie. I spent most the time sniffing and running. I met other puppies to play with but I was much more interested in the smells. I sniffed the whole way there and ran the whole way back. I'd say that's a pretty good balance.

I could really get use to this nicer weather stuff!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Toy Testing Tuesday

Subject: JW Pet Ruffians Bear Dog Toy
What the Toy Claims:
• Durable rubber squeaky bear holds up to tough play
• Made with safety-tested non-toxic paint
• Includes a squeaker for added entertainment
• Great for interactive play
Amount of Toy allowance used: $7.99
How much of a mess it made: none
How long until I broke it: not broken
Can I play with it when nobody’s watching: maybe
Is it repairable?: no need to repair yet

Overall Fun rating (0-10): 8
Will Momma buy it for me again: yes