Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Happy Late Thanksgiving

Happy Belated Turkey Day! I hopes you all had a great day with your family! I gots a new turkey stuffy.
Diesel came to visit! So, I was kinda busy playing wif him.....
Eating turkey dinner at Grammy & Grampy's......

Bambi even came to visit too! And, he finished his turkey dinner the fastest!
I hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Monday, November 22, 2010

Playing with Vader

Vader and I both like playing laser light. He knows enough to get outta the way so he doesn't get runs over!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Drooling and Golfing

Really this post has absolutely no point..... I just wanted to show you my awesome drool string.....
And the golf Towel I gots my Dad...
That's it... see told you there was no point.

Friday, November 19, 2010

I is back!

Did you miss me huh? Did you?
Oh where to start ... how abouts with a picture of my handsome face? After all I want you to stick around for the rest of the post.....
So, right before Momma left me to go on vacation my kitty sister Ellie wasn't in the bestest of shape. I didn't want to tell yous all cause I knew that she would gets better - and she did!

So now I'll tell you - Ellie lost a back tooth! And she's 5 so she isn't suppose to be losing teeth. It came right out in Momma's hand when she was looking at her teeth. See kitty sister Ellie was refusing to eat so Momma was looking in her mouth. So, after going to the vet for antibiotics and being fed with a syringe for a week she had to go back, she weighed less that 6 lbs! The doctor had to make her sleepy and two more of her teefers got pulled out. So more antibiotics and more syringe feeding. Finally she started eating hard food again on her own. She still wants nothing to do with soft food? Weird huh? Anyway, she is all better now and Momma needs to take better care of Ellie's teeth because she has a type of dinosaur disease called periodontal disease. Probably cause she was a stray kitty for 2 years and ate whatever she could find.

Then, Momma left me for a whole week to go on a cruise with my Aunt. She told me doggies couldn't come cause no animals were allowed. Well, I found proof that animals were there, so basically she just didn't want to take me :(
See the dog on the boat!

Big versions of my turtle sister Shelby.....

Little versions........

Chickens too! Can you believe it, why would chickens get to go and not me?


See the green monster?

And the little monster?

I hate bunnies, so Momma must have taken this picture to torture me.

A big Monster hiding in the Ruins.....

So, why couldn't I go - I have no idea.

Now I had high hopes of reading all your bloggy posts when I got back, but there are over 430 in my google reader!! So, Momma is going to hit the terrible "mark all as read". Sorry, but I will never catch up.......

Oh and I heard bad comments were being left on some of my friends bloggies. That is horrible and completely unwarranted, and just plain mean. So, fair warning don't make run for sheriff of bloggville!
I gots a badge and everything......

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

What I did two weekends ago & Hiatus

I forgots to tell you all about my weekend adventure two weekends ago (cause I was busy with my pawty planning.)

Anyway, we went down to my Uncle's for his special birfday pawty and I gots to hang out with my BFF Diesel the whole day! Yes, we gots cake too.
Then I gots to stay in a motel room for the night. The bedspread was so ugly I had difficulties adjusting to it.

Then on Sunday I had to work again. I wore my donation vest and spent time making new friends and raising Great Dane awareness.

This little pup was full of labradork energies......

The hotdogs follow me everywheres, what can I say?

So Sunday night when I gots home I was so tired. I have no idea why Great Danes are considered a "working breed". It's too hard, I thinks I should be in the toy category. Besides I luvs toys.

And I am going on Hiatus for a couple weeks. Momma is leaving for a vacation with my Aunt. Dad is staying home and taking care of me, don't worry I'll still get lotsa of attention. But, I will be way behind on visiting my bloggie buddies! Don't forgets me ok?

Monday, November 1, 2010

Birthday Number 2 Recap

Grammy & Grampy came to visit me. We had cheeseburgers, cause they are my favorite!
Then I gots pressies....
Duck treats and a tug toy from Grammy & Grampy.

A kong wubba MEGA from Momma and Dad

And cake!
Happy Birfday to me!
I couldn't wait for the song to finish so I helped myself..... Yumm....
Aren't Birthdays the best?

Thanks again to all my friends that attended my goodbye puppyhood pawty!