Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Catch up

Momma is helping me catch up on Bloggies, I've been reading but not commenting that much, so I is apologizing to my bloggie friends that aren't getting comments from me. I sorry.

Anyway, this past Saturday I had my annual check up & shots at the vet.  My normal 2 vets were not there so I had the poopy vet  (I've never had him before but the kitteh's have).  Momma had him check my back legs out because I hurt the left one last year and then I hurted the right one abouts a month ago.  The right one I hurts getting into the tub (I think I might have got my foot caught on the shower curtain or somethin').  We aren't sure if I hurt my leg, toe, paw, hip, whatever.  I limped for a couple days but I didn't complain.  In fact I had no problems doing zoomies, jumping on the bed, or getting on the couch.  So Momma gave it time.  Anyway, the vet found nothing abnormal in his physical examination.  So I is good!  He did tell Momma she shouldn't bathe me in the tub cause I'm too big.  He said I should be bathed outside wif a hose!  Can you believe it?  It's like 2 degrees outside you dip poop, I have no furs!  I'd be an icicle outside!  So Momma is ignoring him and will make sure that I am not tired when I needs a bath and we will be extra careful.

Oh and other good news!  My histocytoma from here and here ?  GONE! You would never know it was even there.

And Momma mades me a new collar:
If you likes it you can bid on a 1" one over at the Crossed Paws auction site for Richie and Ronni.  Also, don't forgets to stop by on the 10th of March so that you can gives me a smooch in the kissing booth! 

I guess that's about it.  My adventures have been limited as we gots another 13" of snow dumped on us over the past 4 days.  My paws are crossed that spring will be here soon!


  1. Tucker! We already bid on your collar!! It's so pretty and will fit any of us!! Don't know if you follow "Life with Big Dogs." She has two Danes and one had a bunch of ouchies all the time. She ended up taking him to a doggie chiropractor who was able to adjust her doggie's pelvis. I believe it was at the beginning of January if you want to read the post. Mom is gonna take Bart for his neck issue. Sorry about all your snow. We'd send you some sunshine, but we don't have any either. Stay warm!!

    Gizmo, Bart and Ruby

  2. Oh that is good news about your histocytomas or rather lack of them!!!! Thank goodness that darn groundhog said that we will have an early Spring because this cold weather is not welcome anymore!!!! I guess we shouldn't complain... We live in So. California and think that 50 degree weather is horribly cold!!!!

    You be very careful in that tubby mister!!!

  3. Love your new collar, so cool.

  4. TUCKER... what kind of KOOKY Dogter WAS that? OUTSIDE... Nekked... WET??? COLD??? He is nuttier than Squirrel foods. You should have taken him outside and TIED him to
    the PEE TREE!!!
    Well all the other pawts of your Horror Visit were super good.. I am glad about THAT!
    I know about that cool drool collar that you have in the auction!!! THANKS that is grrreat ... and you mom will make it with her own Paws!!!

  5. Woof! Woof! Us too ... catching up from all the blog posts we missed. We are participating in Crossed Paws Auction ... we did see you bid on our pet tag. Golden Luck to you. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  6. You knows, somebuddy had to has graduated last in their class and it must has been that V-E-T wot sayed you should be bathed outside. Wot planet did he land from?

  7. Glad to hear you are doing well but that silly vet should have known better about the bathing!


  8. That's great news about your vet visit! Your mom must be so relieved. It is great that you're able to get into the tub for a bath. Remi only gets into the shower but there's no way he would be brave enough to step into the tub - that's way too scary for him. So he only gets showers instead of baths, and even that not too often. (Shhh, he doesn't know he's kind of smelly)

  9. Oh I very much loves the new collar! Very stunning, indeed! You are so funny... BOL! Loves and kisses from Oscar and Nugget!

  10. Tucker,

    Dat vet is a poo poo head! :) Happy news dat you is all betters now.

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  11. Why you even needs a baff? Dat VET ain't too bright if you asks me...and I knows you wanted my opinion:)
    I is so excited dat you is doin' da kissin booth! I has my money ready...hehehehe...ain't YOU excited.
    Okay, fabulous news bouts da Vet visit. Good thing you is in tip top shape.

    PS:Loooooooove da collar!

  12. Yup, we hear you Tucker. Same problem with a busy momma here too. She swears she tries to read a few posts in spare moments at work, just not time to commment. Glad to hear you are A-OK, and agree that vet must be nutso - in fact, perhaps your mom just needs to install a big jacuzzi for you!

    Brutus & Carmen

  13. OMD, your collar is awesome - I bet everyone will head over and bid on it!

    Glad to hear your vet visit went well... I always hate hearing "bad news" from the vet!


  14. Hi, Tucker! Don't worry abouts not commenting. We're having the same problem here. I don't think we're EVER gonna catch up!

    I'm ever so glad that your V.E.T. appointment went good but I'm also very much glad that your momma's not gonna give you a bath outside. BRRRR!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  15. Tucker, you're so handsome in your new collar. And mom is right - just because you're ..er..large, doesn't mean you should be bathed outside like some farm animal! Geez! Now I know why you go to your other vets...

  16. Tuck, great check up, you are one handsome boy, you know that?

  17. tucker,

    that vet dude was a weirdo! gettin' a bath outside in the snows? you would be totally chilly willies! just be really careful like gettin' in and out of the tub like you woofed.
    i totally dig your new collar! it's that same greeny color as the one in richie 'n miss ronnii's auction, too!

    the booker man

  18. Hey Tucker!
    Wow, I'm glad your vet trip was good! My Dad is the greatest...he hooked up our hose with hot and cold water so I can get comfy baths outside. I can tell you I'm still not at all amused by this, but at least it isn't freezing! Anyway, I'm sure your tub will be fine. Very stylish colar! You're a great model of doggy handsomeness.
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  19. HI Tucker - I'm glad to hear that you're in good shape, even if you had to see a stupid vet to get the report! I get washed in the bathtub too and the one we have here in Newcastle is even slightly raised and really difficult to get into and out of - but I still manage! My humans are careful, though, and put lots of towels down on the floor to make sure I don't slip but otherwise, it is just a once in a while thing - and anyway, we could hurt ourselves doing all sorts of things - if you really start thinking like that, we shouldn't even be allowed to go out to walk or play or anything! Sometimes vets think they know everything and say some really stupid things - like my new vet here - we thought she was quite nice - but she always said something really stupid the 2nd time we went in (just to weigh me) - she said told my humans they shouldn't tell me to sit because "Great Danes can't sit, you know"...HUH? WHAT?? Hsin-Yi had to really bite her tongue to stop herself saying somethign she would regret! So now we're thikning of looking around for another vet...coz Hsin-Yi thinks if the vet can be so stupid about something like this, how can we trust her for other stuff?

    Honey the Great Dane

  20. Your own Dane-sized shower is definitely a good idea. If there are 2 bathrooms in your house, your humans will surely be willing to convert one tub to a shower stall for you. With one of those removable shower heads your mom or dad can lift down and use like a hose to wash you good all over. [The kind they put in showers for handicapped people, so they can control the shower head.]

    Glad you got a 'clean' [hee hee] bill of health from the vet, so with luck you won't see him again for at least a year - if ever.

    Jed & Abby

  21. Hey Tucker

    Glad to here your visit to the vet went well! Be careful getting in and out the bathtub!

    We all seem to be behind on our commenting on the bloggies!

    Spring will come soon Tucker!

    Sniff ya later,
    Droopy, Smiley, Kayah and Mickey

  22. Hiya Tucker!

    3 things...

    1. We are back in action!
    2. We are so furry happy that your histocytomas like disappeared!
    3. Kissing booth? YUCK - COOTIES!

    Wags and woofs,
    Mack and Mia