Sunday, September 12, 2010

Woofstock & Staycation Winner

This Saturday was Woofstock and I was so excited about being there and getting to meet so many other doggies! Momma didn't take many pictures, (I know she takes like hundreds of pictures if I'm just sleeping - well she took barely any and there were so many cool dogs... hmph.) but here are a few of the big ones:

Bella the Dane

A saint bernard puppy that is only 1!

And this little fella is only 10 weeks - he's an Irish Wolfhound & Lab mix. So he counts as big cause he's gonna really grow!

At woofstock I got stage fright and couldn't perform my tricks, or bark loud, and I didn't give the judge a very good pawshake (cause he was a cat person and I could tell) ... I just layed down in the shade of the tent instead, I was just hot and the shade of the tent was comfy. But, I was a big winner for Largest Dog. It was easy cause I didn't have to do nothin'.

And I gots to pick a prize and Momma took the only "size appropriate" toy they had for me. Meet my Lobster - he's the bestest toy and I don't care about any other toys right now. He's got rope legs, a honker, 2 squeakers, a rattle , and 2 tags -- oops 1 tag now.

Oh and now it's time to announce the big Prize winner for the Staycation Competition. If haven't seen everyones entry go HERE.

Thank you to all the contestants that entered! Every pup was a winner cause they gots to go on an adventure with their hoomans in order to enter.

The official winner of the box load of Maine in Maine Doggie & Hooman treats is....

Maggie Mae!!!!
I'll contact you shortly Maggie Mae to get your snail mail.
Thanks Everyone!


  1. Congrats on your super awesome lobster!!! The irish wolfhound/lab is super cool!!!!

    Yay for Maggie Mae girl!

    ~The Monster Crew

  2. Tucker, we luv your lobster. It's the best toy ever!
    Congrats to Maggie Mae...she can come vacation at our house anytime!!

    Wyatt and Stanzie

  3. What a great weekend!

    Khongrats on your win
    Khongrats to Maggie Mae!


  4. What an exciting contest! Thank you for hosting it Tucker! I am sorry I never got my video up and running. I have tried several times and it just doesn't work. But I will let you know if it ever does work!

    I am so glad that my Uncle Otis's girlfurend won! He will be soooo happy when I tell him!


  5. Cool toy prize!!!
    And congrats to Maggie Mae!

  6. OMG OMG OMG.. I really wish I had that Great Toy of yours!!! Can we come play too!?! Congrats to Maggie Mae!

    (Love the pic of Tucker and the Toy!

  7. Great toy! Looks like you had a great weekend and met alot of new friends. Congrats to Maggie Mae too.

  8. wooow nice woofstock :D BOL

    congrate maggie!!!! :D
    it was a nice adventure

    El'bow & Hauwii

  9. Congrats to Maggie Mae. This was a real fun filled post Tucker!!

  10. Tucker, this was a great contest and it looked as though you gave the winning staycationer plenty of thought!

    Congrats on your lobstah win!

    We're hoping to head up to Maine next week, maybe we'll catch up with you!

  11. TUCKER!!!!!!

    My boyfuriend Otis...*sigh* told me dats I won your staycation contest so I came right over heres to see fur myself... I am doin' da wiggle dance fur sure over dis happy news!
    I LUVS your lobster stuffie, it is really cool and congrats on winning da largest dog contest at da WoofStock!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

    PeeS Mom just sent youz my snail mail addy!

  12. No tricks for that cat person....we completely understand. Being the famous Hollywoof star that you are, I'd renegotiate my contract if I was you. Always glad to see you beautiful big dog face.

    Kisses and belly rubs: KT and Lady

  13. I loved your video! What a great way to chose the winner...through your nose! I am so glad you had so many entries and I am soooo sorry I couldn't come up with a staycation post but we were really, really distracted by the death of Bo, our schnauzer buddy, and plus the weather wasn't so great for a last minute visit to a doggy friendly place. Congrats to Maggie Mae!

  14. Hi Tucker!
    Congratulations about the prize!
    We loved your pics!