Thursday, September 2, 2010

Snooter Ouchie

Um, so while Momma and Dad had left to go pick up my new/used kitty brudder I may have barfed on the carpet in the spare room. I then proceeded to clean up my mess by eatin' it and nosing it under the futon to hide it. In the process I gots me rug burn on my snooter and left some blood streaks on the carpet. I just need to be the center of attention at all times, that's all.

Snooter Ouchie, poor me.

Also, this is the last weekend for the STAYCATION Entries! Go out and do something - We'll pick the winner next weekend so you can still blog about it this coming week - k? All the details here!

Now I knows some of you have done this stuffs already so just send me a pee-mail ( if you wants to enter, k? Hey Murphy (Surfing trails?), Norwood (Pooper potty), Carmen & Brutus (your agility & CGC), Mayzie (Romp in the Park), Dexter (big scary jelly bean ball agility). Yeah, see that's proof that I read your bloggies!


Note from Momma: We've adopted another male kitty into our home. Patch has been having difficulty with loss of his big brother Troubles. Since March we have been trying extra attention and new toys, Patch is still hollering at night at least twice a week because he is lonely, Ellie doesn't spend too much time with him. We haven't officially selected a new name for the kitty. He is a little over a year and has a larger head than normal since he was only neutered a couple months ago when he was turned over to the shelter. We hope he will help Patch with his loneliness and add some happiness to our family.


  1. I forgot all about the staycation contest, Tucker, and I will get right on it asap! I will help you spread the word too!
    Loving that you had to be the center of attention but I'm not sure it was worthwhile because your nose looks very uncomfortable! Get better soon!

  2. Hello there again....I wrote an emergency blog post fur you, Tucker, so that the news would spread about your staycation contest! I hope my big paws help your contest get even more puppular! Daisy

  3. Sorry about the boo boo on your nose. My sister, Stanzie, has dirt and boo boos on her nose all the time. She likes to hide everything from ME!


  4. Tuckers :(

    No fun havin' a BooBoo nose. I hopes you is all betters soon.

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  5. Woo need some extra peanut butter rubbed on your ouchie!


  6. Ouch! That'll show the parents to leave you behind when picking up a used kitty.... I wish we could enter the stay-cation contest, but we've pretty much just done the same hike all summer... (It was new the first time, but I can't find the post on the first time we did the hike...) I hope your snooter feels better soon!

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus

  7. I just read this out loud to my boyfriend and he thought it was so funny that he snorted when he laughed. He says that he could see our Great Dane Carla doing the same thing. Whenever she gets sick she will try to do it on the hard surface flooring. I don't know where they get these things but they are such smart dogs.

  8. I thinks you be having pyschological stress bout dis new kitteh...that you should obviously name Puddles.
    I hope dis new kitteh can helps Patch overcome his lonliness, it sad when da animals grieve afters da death of a furiend...wishing ya'll da best.


  9. Oh No. Hope your snooter is better!
    Don't step on your new brudder!

  10. Ouch! THe same sort of thing happend to our big bro Mason a few weeks ago, 'cept it was under the edge of the cabinets in the laundry room. Mom had him in there (because he had been barfing, oddly enough) and when she opened the door to check on him, blood all over the white cabinets! Pretty scary looking, but it was just his snooter getting scraped up like yours. It was pink for a few weeks but looks good as new now, so no worries Tucker - you'll be as handsome as ever!!

    Brutus & Carmen

  11. Ok ok Tuck, you can quit with the CSI game. Better give the ol' snooter a rest. Plus, moms are there to clean up our messes so you can let the next one go.

    Kitty and Coco

  12. Wow Tucker, that's a pretty smart way to make sure the parents keep their attention on you instead of the new kitty. Your new (used) kitty brother is very handsome - I can see why he would be a lot to compete with. But I'm sure you'll always be the center of attention!

  13. Hmmmmm, soooooo I hears you trying to gets a puppy named afters ya?
    Did you likes my idea fur ya kitteh?


  14. tucker,
    ouchies! i'm sorry you got that booboo on your snooter. i know just the thingie, though. mama kisses will heal it right up! :)
    the booker man

  15. Aw, Tucker! I am so sad to hear you have hurt your big beautiful snooter! I can't wait to read about everyone's staycations!

  16. Hi Tucker,

    Thank you very much for your concern about a big earthquake that occurred in Christchurch, New Zealand, this morning. Christchurch is far away from Auckland where we live, actually on a different island, so we weren't affected. But, we do worry about people who live there.
    I also want to be in the centre of attention all the time, but I also like hiding under or behind a piece of furniture. If I hide, my humans start worrying about me. So, it is a great way to draw attention!


  17. ouch! your poor nose! hope youre feeling better and not throwing up anymore!
    and i hope your new/used kitty brother helps patch feel better too!