Monday, September 6, 2010

View From the Top - Bowl Edition

A hiking we will go - I'm always in the lead.
What a beautiful day now that hurricane Earl is outta here!
I needs a water break - don't forgets to stay hydrated
What the? A pond? We hiked over 400 ft up a mountain to go to a pond??
I'll check it out, it's kinda refreshing

On the way back down I asked Momma and Dad if we could do this trail........
For somes reason they says no... Does it look too steep to you?
Anyway we continued back down....
Remember if yous gotta poop, you gotta pick it up. It's key to responsible doggie behavior....
I enjoys living in Maine......


  1. Hey Tucker! WOW WOW WOW what a gorgeous place you live in! I thought PA was wonderful, but your territory is amazing. The pond looked like the best place to go swimmie. You just needed a big stick to swimmie after. You're a lucky doggie to get such great walks. Enjoy and thanks for sharing the pix.
    Grr and Woof,

  2. Uh, did you has to put your poop in your nappie sack?
    What luverly fotos! Mum has been to Maine and says it was just beeeeeeautifuls! Hmmmmm...maybe we should moves there so we can be close to each others....bwhahahahaha!


  3. Wow what a gorgeous view!!!


  4. Oh Tucker! What a beautiful hike you had. No wonder you and your family enjoyed so many Stay-Cations! Thanks for sharing your photos.

  5. Heeeheee! Tucker you kinda look like cookies and cream ice cream!


  6. Hello Tucker!
    Please tell us where this beautiful place is located because, as you know, we live in NH and we could use a day trip to Maine sometime soon! How would you like to meet there so we could walk together? Wouldn't that be pawsome?
    Love, Daisy