Sunday, August 22, 2010

An Award that I have to share with Evil kitty brother

I got this pawesome award from my Friend Maggie Mae who is a jumpin' bean boxer. And from my friend Lucille - have you met her yet? She's Italian so she's from the land of pasta.
Thank you, thank you, Thank you!

Now I's gonna tell you 7 things abouts me and then unfortunately Evil Kitty Brudder Patch will tell you 7 things about himself. I don't want to let him use my bloggie but Momma says I can't have Pupperoni's if I don't let him post.

Anyway 7 things about me!
1 - I was the first born in my litter!
2- I weigh 139 lbs and I am 37" tall to my whithers
3- I don't counter surf - Really a Dane that leaves things alone!
4- I'm scared of bunnies - I had one scare me at a particular pet store and I refuse to go in the door to that pet store.
5- I hate veggies - especially peas - If they show up in my foodable I spit them on the floor.
6- I go to bed a 7 pm most nights
7- I'm a big boy now and have spent the last 3 weeks loose in the house when Momma and Dad go to work - no more XPEN!

Now for Evil Kitty Brother Patch:
1- I'm a 15 year old Black & White Short hair kitty
2- I'm super talkative and Meow all the time, I especially like to meow really load in the basement because it echos.
3- I don't like to be held.
4- When I was about 5 I was outside and I was attacked by a wild animal (most likely a fox). I had emergency surgery on my front leg and I broke blood vessels in my eye. So I get losta eye burgers on my white side on my face. Don't worry my leg is fine.
5- I don't get to go outside unless I'm on my harness and leash - Momma won't let me get attacked again.
6- I come to Dad when he calls me Stupid instead of my name Patch.
7- I luvs to play with catnip - I eats it.

Whew - that's enough evil kitty brother bloggin' back to me:
I'd like to give the award to anyone who hasn't received it yet. I see lots of my friends already have it, so if you don't please take it!


  1. My mommy says she is glad your mommy likes Odie!!! He's suuuper lazy and droopy! He's alright I guess.... He doesn't bother me much, but my sister Hunter gets so excited to play with him, that she knocks him over all the time!

    Congrats on your award Tucker and Patch!!!

    Lola Bugs

  2. BOL! I hate veggies too...I'm definitely a meat & meat kinda guy.

    You are an inch taller than me now, Tuck! Are you still growin? Mom thinks I might be done...I am still right around 36" and have been for the last few months. Who knows...maybe I'll surprise her and have one last growing streak!

    wags, wiggles & slobbers

  3. Tucker!

    You is so welcome fur your award! I luvs learning all dose things 'bouts you and your kitteh brudder. GeeZ you is a tall dude! :)

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  4. Congratulations, Tucker! I love getting to know our furpals better!

    word verifcation: ickbut!!! might be the best one yet!

  5. Khongrats!

    Woo khan send your peas HERE please!


  6. Dude, you're really tall! I met some Great Danes a few weeks ago, and my buddy Emmett walked right under one of them! Congrats on your award!

  7. Correct me if I's wrong...but, isn't da title of your blog "Tucker"? So, why does you haves to share withs da kitteh?
    Now, I'm not gonna laughs bout you being scared of bunnies cuz I am scred of Great Danes (don't tell no buddy dat I is scared of anything.
    I always wondered how tall you were. I've only seen one Dane as tall as you and da rest haves been around 34-36.
    Congrats on you awrdie.