Sunday, August 15, 2010

My Vacation Part 1

My vacation was to a little cabin out in the woods, next to a quiet little lake - I brought Momma & Dad along too. We arrived on Saturday and left on Friday. Dad was all excited about fishing but he really didn't catch much, only 1 whole fish, BOL! Also, I didn't want to go swimming and I refuse to get in the boat. So I spent most of my time staying behind nappin' while Momma sat with me and read books.

There was losta packing to do! I'm a big dog so everything I need is also big. I had to make sure I had my xpen so I felt safe, my kuranda bed for napping outside, my llbean bed for comfy inside sleeping, toys, cookies, food, leashes, and I had to bring all kinds of water. The cabin didn't having running water so Momma and Dad had to brings lotsa bottled water for drinking and cooking. They had to boil water from the lake to use for the camping shower. Plus they had to use oil lamps at night because there was no electricity. Whoa - I really didn't think I'd survive with all this roughin' it, but I did.
Hmm.. not bad - Guess it will do for the week.
I spent most of the day hanging out with Momma while she read books. I guess it was pretty relaxing...

It was pretty cloudy and foggy on Monday morning so the hoomans took me to an ocean beach so that I could go for a nice walkie. We spent about an hour on the beach walk and then the weather started to clear so we headed back to camp and had a few chores to do.....

Back to camp......
Time to take out the trash, um what does that say?
Need to get a closer look....
OMG!!! Momma & Dad named me after a TRASHCAN! The horror!
After I settled down from the trashcan episode, Momma and Dad decided to make it up to me by letting me have hotdogs cooked over the campfire. Yous know how much I loves hotdogs.
Yum, Yum.....
The hotdogs made me feels better except Momma burnt one of mine...... Don't let her near an open flame... geesh.
Don't worry - I ate it anyway.
Stay tuned for the second part of my vacation next post.....


  1. Dude,
    I think you had the perfect vacation!

  2. they named you after a trash can!?! Wow. Now I've heard everything.

    I think they owe you 75 million bajillion hot dogs for that one.

    besides the trash can thing, it looks like a pretty good vacation!

    wags, wiggles & slobbers

  3. Oh theres you go again talking bouts da hot dogs....okays, well at least I wasn't named afters a trashcan...bwhahahahaha! Okays, I done laughing at you.
    But fur what it's worth, it looks like you hads a good time. I was kinda hoping you would go fur a swim though to get overs dat whole fear of da water thing....oh heck, what am I talking bout...I hate da waters too.


  4. Tucker... Buddy I am soooo sorry that your picture wasn't up on the Bach. Pawty Post... I THINK.. you might have been in line for the Tree we they got posted. Sorrry.. Butt... You will be at the Wedding!! I checked the list myself.. and that will be in a PARK... with LOTS of trees.
    Now about that Name thingy.. I don't think that it is the CAN you were named for.. It was the HANDLE... and we KNOW YOU ALWAYS HAVE A HANDLE ON STUFFS. Yep... that's what it was alright. YOU ATE WHAAAAT??? I know you are just kiddin' Those were... Tube Steaks!!!
    Grrrreat camping trip. Tell your dad.. if you don't catch 'em.... you Don't have to ..CLEAN 'em. hehehehe

  5. wow what a beautiful place to go on vacation!
    I cant believe you were named after a trashcan! thats really mean of your folks! :)

  6. thats soooooooooooooo awsome !!!!
    we wanna go on vacation to!!

    El'bow & Hauwii

  7. Aww, Tucker! You are so handsome! And what a wonderful vacation! My two Danes would LOVE to play with you!

    You have a great blog; count me as your new follower! You should come check out my Danes, Layla & Lucius! They're both adopted & have added so much love to my little family ♥

    * *

  8. awesome vacation. looking forward to 'see' more. first, your name then the burnt sausage? sorry, too funny.

  9. Tucker

    We followed you from Puddles blog 'cause the momma said you are so cute she can't stands it....whatever that means!

    We hope we can all be friends

    Butter the Bean and Sugar the Who (and uncle Freddie too)

  10. Oh Tucker - I LOVE LOVE LOVE that 1st picture of you gazing out over the misty lake - that's like the perfect majestic Dane head profile! Hsin-Yi thinks its one of the most beautiful Dane pictures she's ever should be in a calendar!

    Honey the Great Dane

  11. We love those pvc raised beds like yours. It looks like you really like yours too. Our mom says she's making us new ones this year, with more weatherproof fabric so they last longer.