Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Contest Updates!

Hello All - Don't forget to enter my STAYCATION contest, time is runnin' out! All yous got to do is go on a new adventure with your hoomans and blog abouts it! See the contest HERE. We'll draw a random winner for a boatload of Maine Made Touristy Treats! There are some blueberry doggie cookies I've been eyeballing but Momma won't let me have them ... Hmph..

Anyway -
Check out those that have entered the Contest so far:


she lives in Seattle with her Mom and Dad and gets to go lotsa places with them. She's a blue Dane thats just slightly younger then me. Check out her Adventure to Lopez Island !

Shannon -
Shannon is a new Dane friend, a Harlequin like me! She's just a puppy that is just too adorable! She enjoys having pictures taken of her - I can't believe someone likes the flashy machine. Go visit her and her trip to the Longview Dog Show.

Honey -

Ok, everyone should know the Beautiful Honey. She's a famous Dancing Dane that lives in Australia now. She gets to go on tons of cool adventures and to all kinds of training camps. She so well behaved it's crazy and she even performs in front of strangers dancing with Hsin-Yi. She's been in books and on an airplane. Her latest adventure is to Bribie Island, go visit her and check it out.

Sasha -

Sasha is a Princess and has been feeling a little under the weather but still takes time with her hoomans to explore and enjoy life. She took us on a tour of her hometown and did losta modeling for the flashy machine. She's got some strange looking trees out there!Go visit her tour of Redlands!

Betty & Cali -

These are new friends that I just met in bloggy land! They took a hot hot day and went to the ocean. They are so adorable in their video and I'm now almost 100% positive I'm the only doggie in the world that can't swim. Go visit them and say hi!


  1. mmm cookies.
    cant wait to read the other staycations!

  2. Well dis just sucks...da only thing I did dis summer was go to therapy and they didn't allow fotography in da ward...I mean...facility...you know dat whole privacy act thingy.


  3. Those are fun looking staycations. We staycated last year but we're going farther away this year and after your deadline so we can't enter. But it sure is fun to look at everybuddy else's!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  4. All of my Staykhation pikhs are on my blog each day ;=)


  5. Don't feel bad, Dennis isn't a very good swimmer yet either!

  6. Tucker,

    I am gonna enters but my staycation story is spread out over 3 bloggy days so when I is done I will send youz da links...'kay?

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  7. Ooh, Tucker - am blushing now at that intro you gave me...! I've read all about Darwin's Staycation on her blog but am looking forward to catching up on the others when my human has a moment free!

    Honey the Great Dane