Sunday, July 25, 2010

Lighthouses Road Trip Adventure

I Loves me a Road Trip!

Dis time we went to see lighthouses. It was really foggy and I guess that's the purpose of the lighthouse.
This is a classic Candy stripe lighthouse - Doesn't taste like candy though, I checked.

Sure, I'll pose....

The lighthouse keeps the boats from runnin' into the rocks when they can't see where they are goin'. I betcha these rocks could do a little damage to a boat....

Momma was proud of me the fog horn was going off and I didn't bark once. That's a big deal for me cause I'm mouthy.
Dis lighthouse is called the sparkplug. See - toldya it was foggy.

Afterwards we had Yummy Dinner... The lobster Dad did share a little with me. Momma let me eat her bacon off her chicken burger.


  1. Tucker those are ASTOUNDING pics of the Lighthouses. THANK YOU for sharing your grrreat adventure. You were quite brave when the loud noise blared at you.

  2. Well, since you didn't see any boats wreck, I guess the lighthouses worked.

  3. Hey Tucker! I'm glad you found my blog and good luck on the give away. :D I do have to say that you are a stunning dog! My dream dog is a Great Dane with just your coloring. . .maybe some day. Sounds like you have a lot of great adventures.

  4. You...mouthy? I would haves never thunked it...oh wait, dat wasn't a joke was it? Bwhahahahaha! Okays, soooooo I'm a little mouthy to.

    Anyways, those are just terrific piktures...even in da fog, which is just unheard of.


  5. tucker,
    what a fun field trip! those are neato lighthouses for sures. you are a good boy not to go nuts when the fog horn went off. i prolly would have been barking silly! oh, and yummy yummers to the lobster and bacon snack! mmmmmmm!
    the booker man

  6. Hey Tucker
    I loved your birthday card for el'bow. I bet he would've loved your cake.. hee hee. Wow fancy pants light house with the red strips. OOOWwwaahh that's my impression of a fog horn!
    Hey- mom would never give up her bacon- how'd you train yours?

  7. Love the picture of you in front of the lighthouse! And that lobster sure looks yummy - you lucky dog you!

    Brutus & Carmen

  8. You look very handsome against that lighthouse. And you got some lobster and bacon??? SWEEEET!

  9. What a fun field trip!!