Thursday, July 15, 2010

Still Working on the Swimming Thing

I'm still not willing to go out where I can't touch, life vest or not!


  1. The olympic swimmers have to train EVERY day. I think you are doing FANTASTIC. It is hard work. Keep it up. You look grrrreat in your life vest.

  2. oh Tucker...Dude! swimming is absolutely fabulous! Its cool, refreshing and wet. Can't get much better dan dat! Go for it!

    wags, wiggles & slobbers

    pee. ess. Mom wants to know which life vest dat is...apparently I like the water TOO much and she's worried that she'll have to come in and save me one day.

  3. Stumpy didn't learn to swim until she was 3 years old. Prior to that she would walk and bounce on her back tippy toes when she went over her head.. I kind of miss watching her do that. It was hysterical!

  4. Tucker-
    No swimming? You're not too far away. I can't come teach you a few strokes. How did I learn how to swim? Let's see frogs. Frogs got me to jump in and I forget I'm even in the water. I even put my head under!! Try having dad and mom throw treats for you to catch while in the water to get comfortable. Then work on the distance... Oh super cool hike. Isn't that crazy when you get to the top and only see TREEs.
    PS- I took my sun hat off for the spider man shoot. Lucky you.

  5. I want to get Darwin a life vest! Whered you get yours from?

  6. I'm thinking maybes dat Bully Stick would weigh you, I'll hold it fur you while you swim.


  7. Momma gots my vest here: it’s the Outward Hound Pet Saver Life Jacket. Obviously I got the Xlarge.

  8. I love the flapping jowls. Do they let you hang your head out the car window on the way to the water?


    Mr. Nubbin'

  9. Hi ya Tucker-

    I'ves got dat same life vest... althoughs I just a puppy so I tinks yours is a little bigger! You're so hansome we can't help but luvs you!

    Wiggles & Giggles,
    Lucy & Lucy's Human

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  11. Just keep practicing, Tucker, beclaws it WILL get easier and easier by the day and pretty soon you will be swimming with the fish! Perhaps you should ask one of your owners to swim with you....or are they afraid of swimming too? If they won't swim with you, I will get on Route 93 and head on up to your swimming hole....let me know if you need me!
    Daisy from New Hampshire

  12. Awww you are so cute Tucker!!! You can do it! Just keep practicing!

    Lola Bugs

  13. AnonymousJuly 15, 2010

    Yep...can't say as I blame ya! You stay out of that water! There might be piranhas or something!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  14. hihi tucker!
    my big sis asa doesn't like to go out where her paws can't reach the ground either! but then again, she doesn't have one of those nifty life vests like you do!
    the booker man

  15. EvFURRYtime I see posts like this, I always wonder what I'd think of it!


  16. Best of luck to you Tucker! You have more courage then we do!

    Lots of slobber,
    Droopy and Callie

  17. Water! That's where sharks live!

  18. I am with you Tucker... stay cool :)

    Licks from me!