Monday, January 17, 2011

Vader Mango Minster

So as you probably know recycled kitteh brudder Vader has been trying to steal my spotlight ever since he arrived back in August. He wants to enter Mango Minster so he can prove he's better than me.
Well, ok he didn't actually say that but you knows how kittehs lie. So, I figured I'd enter him and Mango Minster and sabotage his entry. Cause he'd just tell you how good two paws he is.

Recycled Kitteh brudder Vader's entry to Mango Minster - Kittehs
1. When your human calls your name do you feign interest or outright ignore them?
Um yeah of course. I swear the dude doesn't even know his name. So what if Momma and Dad renamed him from his old name Shadow. After alls, he has a super big head and came to us with a respiratory infection so Vader fits. You'd think he'd get it by now.
2. Do you meditate at least 20 hours each day?
Yes. Oh not me? oh well the answer is still yes. He spends hours contemplating about how he's gonna be able to eat all Momma's plants and blame it on me.

3. A moth is in the house. Do you kill and consume it or toy with the hapless thing until it is wounded and flapping and leave it for your human to you thin ice?
How about trying to climb the walls to get to it? It's a bug Vader, get over it - stoopid kitteh.

4. Do you ignore expensive gifts from your pals in favor of a Q-tip discovered on the wet room floor?
Why would the Q-tip be on the floor? Vader just takes a new one out of the jar on the vanity. Not to mention he went all Godzilla on Dad's Christmas village peoples. And what is with kittehs stealing yarn?

5. Do you speak in tongues before hacking up a furball?
Nuf said.
6. At 8PM are you likely to be found counter surfing or pretending to be a lap cat in the hope of getting foodables?
Both. For some reason I get in trouble for chasing Vader when he gets up in the counters, the fridge, and the top of the kitchen cabinets. Also, he's a know lap stealer.
7. Do you bury your poop and / or build a mountain atop which to carefully place a poopy Stoned Hinged sculpture?
Yeah he puts tootsie rolls in the litter box, but from the evidence of litter outside the box I think he just kicks around in there for fun.

So there you have it, Vader's entry to Mango Minster. I'm pretty sure he's contemplating taking over my whole bloggie, or world domination....... so we'd better keep an eye on him.


  1. Dats not a kitteh...dats just evilness! Dat kitteh be freakin me out.
    Yea, what's upi withs dat yarn stealin'?


  2. I dont know if the world could handle Vader with his own blog!
    Great entry!

  3. Another point to khonsider...

    Would Khyra find woo furry tasty?


  4. But the Vader he duss look all innocents and stuffs. I is supposing those be the ones you has to rilly keep your eyes on.

  5. We just hate having to disagree with the Puddles, but Tucker has successfully demonstrated that Vader is 100% genuine kitteh. Maybe if he wins your mom will give him his own blog and you won't have to share yours. Good luck!

    Jed & Abby

  6. Kittehs will be kittehs!

  7. Kittehs make momma puff out like a blow fish...but maybe after reading this ...that's a good thing????

  8. Tucker!! He's got the mouse!! Watch out!!

  9. Hi Shadow/Vadar, we thinks you are very handsome. ~Scylla & Artemisia

    I so get in trouble for barking at Scylla when she is on the kitchen counter where she isn't suppose to be. Why is it when I yell at her to get down it is, BAD DOGGIE! and then Mommy turns around and yells exactly what I barked Scylla get down!!!! ~Fenris

    Hi, I am a mancat of few words. ~Socks

  10. Rottrover has a good point, Tucker. Better be careful - should we be expecting a new entry post tomorrow?

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  11. That was a really good entry you did for Vader, Tucker. I bet he's real grateful to you for being so honest about him and stuff. You're a good brudder.

    Wiggles & Wags,

  12. What a big mouse you have there, watch for it very carefully, it might right run to its motherboard. lol =)