Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Snow Days

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile and haven't been visiting my doggie bloggy friends, It's all Momma's fault. She left me with Dad and went to some place called New York City with my Aunt and Uncles. Something about it being a sibling trip made it so I stayed home. She's back now and we'll be catching up in a few days.

But, I must show you some video of all the snow we've been getting! I absolutely love snow and I guess that's a good thing because Maine gets a bunch! I've been having a problem with scraping my legs and feet on the icy snow cause I'm big and fall through. Momma asked Mango's Momma and I guess the only thing to do is keep my backyard shoveled or snowblowed because I'm a big whimp. And no way and I wearing boots!

Anyway I love playing in the snow just watch....


  1. How fun Tucker! I wish Seattle would get some snow this year!

  2. oh boy Tucker!

    you sure do live in a pretty place. That white stuff looks like SO much fun!

    Mom says Sandy Eggo doesnt get snow like that, but if we drive about an hour in the mountains to where I went campin this summer, we might be able to find some if there's been a recent storm. I might hafta beg her to take me there!

    wags, wiggles & slobbers

  3. So cute! I love his pouncing in the beginning.