Saturday, December 5, 2009

O' Christmas Tree & an Early Gift

I'm not really sure what all the Christmas stuff is about since this is really my first Christmas. My Momma & Dad brought me home last year on the 26th of December so I haven't actually experienced Christmas yet.

First we went out to get a tree.

I had to look for the perfect one....

Sniff... sniff... sniff....

After we selected the tree we put it in the truck to bring home. I supervised.
Then the hoomans brought the tree in the house? They are weird, trees belong outside. For some reason they don't want me to play in the tree. Oh well I chewed on some of the sticks that fell off, they don't taste very fresh.

Then the hoomans put flashing things any shiny doggie toys on the tree. I choose to sit this one out.
When they were done they made me sit by the tree. I feel stupid sitting by the tree, but it pleases the hoomans, and they give me treats for doing it.

Christmas is weird, but I did get an early Christmas gift. Momma and Dad bought me a Kuranda bed. My bad self has been chewing up my blankets in my crate and this bed is suppose to be indestructible.

Hmmm... is that a challenge?

Oh,, that's just the paper it came in..... never mind.

At night time I get a blanket and pillow since I don't chew anything at night......

It's pretty comfy...... maybe I'll be good and not chew or dig on it. I said maybe.


  1. Nice tree Tucker! We bought ours the other day but still have to put it up, we're wondering if Darwin will leave it alone or try to play with it.
    Nice bed too! I wanted to get one of those for Darwin! How do you like it so far?

  2. How do you like the bed? I have one but I dont like it all. I would rather stand in the corner of my crate and cry than lie down on that strange thing.

  3. Tucker dude! Welcome to winter. I hate it when the snow gets icy and crunchy. It hurts my legs when I crash through. Momma loves me very much and always keeps paths shoveled in the yard for me in the winter. This gives me places to walk around and do my business. She makes two nice big loops. It is good for her aerobics (but sometimes makes her grouchy). The neighbors must think she is insane shoveling the yard.

    Little PeeWee wouldn't run and play because the ice hurt his feet. Ouch.

    My Grandpa Angus had boots to wear outside but he hated them and said it kept his feet from hurting but made it hard to get traction.

    I already twisted my ankle playing in the snow. It is so hard for us full sized doggies. And ICE! Forget about it. Sometimes I just stand and can't move because the ice scares me so much.

    Hope that helps.


  4. You look so CUTE in front of the tree!! Great picture!

    The giveaway results are up!

    Gus and Waldo

  5. BARK! Mommy and daddy brought a tree in to the house here too. I still dont get it, even have 4 years of this. Your right, hoomans are weird! BARK! Sasha the Princess