Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The big Race

A few weeks ago I went to a big Race! Don't worry I didn't actually do any running. We went to support my Auntie who was running 13 miles. Yeah, all at once - crazy huh? Anyways we went to cheer her on. The cool thing about this race was it was all girls! I was all worried when they said one lucky guy was in the race too, What a relief to find out they meant a hooman - not me! I know I'm a lucky dog but I wasn't gonna do any running.

There was lotsa stretching before the race started:

Momma says I'm very good at sneaking in pictures. LOL.
We watched the runners go by and told them good job - I just tried to look handsome.
Since the running was a long time I got to walk on the beach for awhile too. The runners had a beautiful fall day for their event so I soaked up the sun on the sand for awhile. I also took a big poop on the beach, Ha ha!
The race however was exhausting... I was tired just watching all the girls run. Towards the end we went back to the finish line to wait for my Auntie to cross it.

We are so proud of her! She finished the race, ran the whole way, didn't hurt herself, and met her goal! She didn't come in first, but she wasn't last either. I would have come in last, I was so tired just from watching all the running I slept the whole way home.

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  1. Awwww, the last pic is so cute! What a fun day you must have had. We love the beach too.