Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Baby Chicks, it's raining kittehs, and my football

So this stuff isn't related at all but I wanted to share it all, so I'll cram it one post....
First off the baby chicks are now 6 weeks old- can you believe it?  Momma Lady Gaga chicken is still a proud Momma strutting around with her babies.  There are 4 babies and we are sure that #4 is a Rooster.  We think the other 3 are all girls (pullets)!

We can't keep them all but Momma is very happy that #5 (the baby she saved) is a girl! 
My kitteh Brudder Vader was practicing for the couch potato peeling contest and he fell off the couch!

Yup, this is a partial wipe-out photo - he peeled out off the couch - BOL!
And lastly - I just luvs my JW pet football - Dis be my 3rd one cause I play wif them so much I wears them out. I previous had 2 green ones, this 1 be black.  They squeak and are just fabulous.
What do you mean you can't see the football?

 Ok here it is..

BOL, sometimes I crack myself up I is still laughing abouts Vader falling off the couch.


  1. Your chickens are so cute. You look very funny with that football in your mouth and your jowls all stretched out like that.


  2. I love your football, I would be snickering at the kitteh too. Do you get to play with the chickens? Cause I would be chasing them with a shaker of au provence seasoning....

  3. Your CHICKS are sooooo cute. Vader Vader VADER you are soooooo funny.

    TUCKER that Black Football is just PURRRRFECT.

  4. That football makes you look like a Hammerhead Dane. Woz Vader like totally embarrassed when he falled? You know the kittehs, they is all like "I did that on purpose, you know..." Like that fools us, BOL!

  5. BOL, that football looks like fun!

  6. Tucker, you are such a goof.
    I would have loved an action video of the kitteh mishap. Whoops!