Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Winter Walkies and Whining Momma

We went on a nice walkie on Sunday, how do like my coat? It's one of my birfday gifts from October.

Not too much traffic on this camp road this time of year.

Does this train go to the north pole? I can't wait for Santa!

What? It goes to Puddles' back yard? Never mind then..... BOL.
Something was here befores me....
I guess I'm a little late to figure out what it was. But, it was a fun walkie.
And Momma has been whining cause I guess I gaves her a black eye. See she was pulling on the blanket on the bed and decided to do super fast spinnys before I laid down. Well I guess I bumped her with my head (the big knowledge bump of mine) and she got hurt. Don't worry I am fine, I didn't even feel it. But Momma has been whining about her swollen eye that is now getting black. What do you guys think? It's not my fault right? After all your suppose to sign a waiver when you sign up to get a Great Dane.

This doesn't put me on Santa's naughty list, right? Right?


  1. Oh Tucker, it wasn't on purpose! Both Trixie AND Minnie have smacked me in the head! HARD!

    Your walkie looked great, and you look fabulous in your coat!

  2. Totally an Accident. Besides... look how much time and how many green papers she is gonna save. No purple or green eye shadow to apply or buy. Seeeee her life is soooooo much better now.. RIGHT?
    You saw Puddle's Train??? Whoooooo Hooooo
    I think your coat is just perfect. The color is grrrreat fur you.

  3. Oh them was my feet prints you saw...Just got offs da train...where your house? I thinks I'm lost.

    Your mom didn't gets da memo bouts big heads on Great Danes huh? I hopes hers ain't too sore...we know your head can't be damaged...hehehe!


  4. Dude! You got it right getting away from that train... especially if it's headed to Puddles house!

    Sam and Pippen

    PeeS. Our mom is the same way when we smack her in the head by accident... whine, whine, whine. Last time we did that our mom even took a sick day off from work! So it can't be all bad, can it?

  5. Oh yes!

    I'm sure it is in the Great Dane Human Waiver!

    Great hike!




  6. Ouch!!! I constantly am getting bonked in the nose by my dogs and kids when I bend down to do stuff... Good thing I have a super squishy nose!!!! Hope your mama's eye is better soon!

  7. Oh pawleze, that be no big deal with your mom's eye. A little eye shadows be fixin that rite up like noo. One time mom leaned ofur me and I flinged my big ole head back bopping her right in the jaw and slamming her mouf shut. (Why did she has it open to begin with anyways?) She thought I knocked her teefs out and you should have heared all the whining so I knows eggsactly wot you is woofin about. Her mouf woz fine and it still werks just fine. Did she care about checking my head? NO! Her mouf is furry hard. Well, my head still werks fine, too.

  8. We cause all kinds of human boo boos...good grief, does that count on Santa's list?

    That is one very nice(large) coat. Did you get it at the pony store? Heehee, just teasing you, cuz you are a BIG DOG!


  9. Totally not your fault. (And you want to see a black eye? You should have seen the pictures when Mom broke her nose - eeeewwww!) And Santa can't help that your Mom's face got in your way... You are looking quite stylish in the coat, BTW!

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus

  10. Tucker, although we feel bad about you/re mom;s black eye in all the holiday p9cs this year, you're totally in the clear!

    Thanks for taking us on your walk. You look more gorgeous than ever in your coat!

  11. That looks like a nasty bruise

  12. Oh silly dane....why is it that we have to do the spinning, whirling around in bed before we lay mom says it makes her dizzy...luckily I haven't given mom a black eye yet. Hope your mom feels better and it wasn't your fault...just one of those things that comes with owning a dane.

    AARF Kasha the Dainty Great Dane

  13. Oh one more thing....what's with the train car just sitting there??

  14. Oh Tucker,

    I understand. I have given my mama a black eye. I just get excited sometimes and launch myself at her face :)



    Minnie Moo

  15. Definitely not your fault... that's like the time my momma ran her eyeball into my pawnail. She screamed in pain, but it was her own fault. Silly Mommas! No worries, Santa Paws knows it wasn't your fault! Your mom might be on the naughty list now though! hehehe bc she was naughty by hitting you in the head with her eye!

  16. Oh my barks you look super hot in your nice jacket!!

  17. sorry about your moms eye but surely, not everyday you get a black eye from a dane! ;p

  18. These things happen. I have given momma a bloody nose twice with my big old head. I am sure you are forgiven.