Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I gots a boo boo

The Diagnosis: Histiocytoma

I had to go to the vet today cause I have a bump on my toe that popped up right before Christmas. Momma thought it might be a cyst or a splinter of sorts - so I had to have Epsom salt cloths and tea bags on my foot. Nothing changed.
So, off to the vet to find out that I have a tumor. But don't worry cause my vet said they are very common, not cancerous, young dogs get them, and they go away on their own. So, I am waiting and not touching it. It doesn't really bother me, just bothers Momma. It's about the size of a pencil eraser and it hasn't changed in size at all. So, we are watching it and as long as it doesn't grow bigger, start to bleed, or ooze yuck it should be gone in 3 - 4 weeks. The other option is to have it surgically removed. But, that means stitches I may lick and get infected (where I don't bother it right now at all), plus anesthesia. And Giant doggies try to avoid anesthesia at all costs since we have such big hearts that need close monitoring. So we are waiting. I go back to the vet in February for my yearly checkup, it should be gone by then. Momma hates waiting, but she feels better knowing what it is now.
Have any of you ever had a Histiocytoma?

My momma worries like crazy abouts me - she had kitty-doggie-illness anxiety attacks whenever one of us is the slightest bit hurt or sick. Like last night I barfed cause I ate my treats too fast after running around and Momma got all worried abouts me. So, that's why Momma tells you all abouts our problems after we know the diagnosis. She know you all have hoomans that have kitty-doggie-illness anxiety too.

She says she just loves us too much. Really - is that possible? I mean could you luvs this face too much?


  1. Oh, it is good to have a momma that worries about you so much. I'm glad that it is not a really bad boo boo and am hoping it does go away like the vet says it will.

    No, not possible to love that face too much.


  2. Hi Tucker,
    Glad your boo boo is not so bad. Our Mom worries way too much, too. I'm always getting myself into some kind of a pickle...Poor Moms.


  3. Hey Tucker... My mom told me that one of the Dachshunds that was here before me... had TWO of those thingys. They come up within 3 days of each other. One on her paw and one on another leg entirely.
    I guess my mom just FREAKED all Cracker Dawg Crazy and stuffs. Well, the VET at that time was a super good furend and when mom went SCREAMING Like a Rabid Squirrel... into his LIVING ROOM... he took one look and LAUGHED AT HER. He ... TOLD her that they were WARTS. And that they would drop off in about a week. BOL BOL BOL... WART... BaWaaah
    She is soooooo EASY sometimes.
    Well, about a week later Dr. Bob stopped at our (Other) house... "fur Coffee and Cookies" and asked how Pretzel's WARTS Were.. When mom said they must have dropped off OUTSIDE beclaws she never saw them... HE WENT ALL CRAZY LAUGHIN. That is when he told her what they really were.. and that he had to FIB to mom TO KEEP HER FROM DRIVING him CRAZY fur a few days.
    SOOOOOOO, mom says don't worry... and I say... I pawmise not to LAUGH at Your mom fur being worried. OK??????

  4. Oh noes! I hope it goes away soon so your momma feels better1

  5. I think my mom has that same sickness. It does get a little irritating sometimes, huh? I sure am glad that isn't anything serious and even more glad that it doesn't bother you. I hope you had agreat Christmas!

  6. No one could love that face TOO much!!

  7. Tucker,

    I am sending you puppy prayers fur your boo boo to go away fast! :)

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  8. Dude, did the V-E-T gib you a pawdicure? Your nails be looking furry nice. So sorry about your boo boo but glad it be nuttin.

  9. Ohhh our mama is crazy too!!!! When our boxer sister Tank went in for her spay surgery, mama called the vet's assistant Nicole like 30 times because mama was sooo scared about putting her under anesthesia... It's always scary for our hoomans to let control go... I am glad that you are okay and it's something that should go away with time!!!

    ~The Lola Monster

  10. Fancy name for a boo-boo! Our Mom is kinda crazy (mostly because she had so many older doggies in her life before us), but she waits until we've thrown up more than once before she whisks us off to the vet. She does, however, poke and prod us all the time to make sure we don't have any unusual lumps/bumps/owies/etc. underneath all our current woolliness. Take care of yourself so your Mom doesn't go crazy with worry! ;-)

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus

  11. Awww, poor Tucker. I am ever so sorry abouts your ouchie. I hope it goes away real soon. And I sure do know what you mean about mommas been worrywarts! Even if we act a little more sleepy than we normally do, my mom freaks out. I guess it's okay, though. Lotsa doggies aren't luved nearly as much as we are.

    Wiggles & Wags,

  12. Hi, Tucker! We're trying to catch up after our Christmas hiatus. Mama has had quite a few Danes [and assorted other dogs & cats] in her life, but has no experience with histiocytoma. Sounds like it's not painful and not dangerous, so that's good. Mama is also a worry wart. We think it's because humans have too much imagination; they can always think of dozens of horrible possibilities every time we get sick. But it's good they worry, so we don't have to.

    Your new eating stand is spectacular! Excellent carpentry work! Your new bed is nice and big and fluffy, too, although it's obvious from your mom's accidental black eye that you prefer the Big Bed. Hope your mom's eye is all better now. At least her explanation is better than the old "I ran into a door" one. Not many people can say they got their black eye from a Dane!

    Happy New Year!

    Jed & Abby

  13. Hey my mum has dat same sickness too...among other things! Your momma just loves you to pieces (all of you).
    Can't believes I is gonna leave a nice comment but here goes...
    My heart did kinda sink when I read tumor but, releived to knows dat it can go away. I...ummm, I...uh, will send you some doxie vibes so you'll get all betters and haves no more ouchie!
    We is little but mum still don't likes putting us anesthesia either so I totally understand your momma's feelings bout dat. Especially withs you being so ginormous and all.


  14. PS: Sorry bout leaving you a novel fur a cvomment.


  15. Tucker, my mom worries like that too. I think it is a dog mom thing. And yes, you do have a very handsome face!

  16. glad your owie is nothing to worry about! Worry: It's what mom's do! When it comes to a face like yours, Tucker, there are no limits!

  17. Dude, my mom is all psycho when something goes wrong with me. I had some sickies christmas eve/christmas and momma was very proud of herself for not rushing me to the emergency clinic because it turned out to be nothing. Silly mommas... but I will keep my paws crossed that your bump goes away soon!

  18. gosh Tucker, my Mom has the same problem! She was just gone for 3 days and 2 nights and was worried the whole time about me! Course, I was worried about her too...I din't even eat my foodables almost the whole time she was gone!

    Glad to hear the thing on your toe is nothin serious though. Maybe your just growin another Great Dane so you have someone to play with? Just a thought.

    wags, wiggles & slobbers

  19. We totally understand - our momma goes crazy when she finds the teeny-tiniest little speck of a bump on us. That's their jobs though, to worry about us pups. Hope it goes away just like the vet said!!!

    Brutus & Carmen

  20. WE have had way too much experience with that word tumor and it is never the good kind. So tell your MOm not to worry, and just let this thing go away. Best that she had it checked and now you all know it will be fine. And we think that face should just be loved and loved and loved and loved even more.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  21. Oh Tucker!
    I am so sorry! But since every one of us has to have something sooner or later, I am glad you had something not too dangerous...
    Please be careful and do not touch it...
    About humans... my human is very anxious too...
    Every evening she visits me... phew...
    Years, paws, tummy, breast, teeth, she touches me everywhere... damn woman...
    You know, she says I am like a swarowsky... very delicate... but hasn't she had a good look at me when I am playing?
    Well, take care, I am sure your human is definitely in love with your "ugly" ;) face!!!
    Ciao Lucille