Friday, November 19, 2010

I is back!

Did you miss me huh? Did you?
Oh where to start ... how abouts with a picture of my handsome face? After all I want you to stick around for the rest of the post.....
So, right before Momma left me to go on vacation my kitty sister Ellie wasn't in the bestest of shape. I didn't want to tell yous all cause I knew that she would gets better - and she did!

So now I'll tell you - Ellie lost a back tooth! And she's 5 so she isn't suppose to be losing teeth. It came right out in Momma's hand when she was looking at her teeth. See kitty sister Ellie was refusing to eat so Momma was looking in her mouth. So, after going to the vet for antibiotics and being fed with a syringe for a week she had to go back, she weighed less that 6 lbs! The doctor had to make her sleepy and two more of her teefers got pulled out. So more antibiotics and more syringe feeding. Finally she started eating hard food again on her own. She still wants nothing to do with soft food? Weird huh? Anyway, she is all better now and Momma needs to take better care of Ellie's teeth because she has a type of dinosaur disease called periodontal disease. Probably cause she was a stray kitty for 2 years and ate whatever she could find.

Then, Momma left me for a whole week to go on a cruise with my Aunt. She told me doggies couldn't come cause no animals were allowed. Well, I found proof that animals were there, so basically she just didn't want to take me :(
See the dog on the boat!

Big versions of my turtle sister Shelby.....

Little versions........

Chickens too! Can you believe it, why would chickens get to go and not me?


See the green monster?

And the little monster?

I hate bunnies, so Momma must have taken this picture to torture me.

A big Monster hiding in the Ruins.....

So, why couldn't I go - I have no idea.

Now I had high hopes of reading all your bloggy posts when I got back, but there are over 430 in my google reader!! So, Momma is going to hit the terrible "mark all as read". Sorry, but I will never catch up.......

Oh and I heard bad comments were being left on some of my friends bloggies. That is horrible and completely unwarranted, and just plain mean. So, fair warning don't make run for sheriff of bloggville!
I gots a badge and everything......


  1. Yippee! I'm most happy you're back! And yes, we did miss you lots and lots! But I am very much sorry you didn't gets to go with your mom. I had the same thing happen to me recently and I have photographical proof that there was a dog there where she was!

    I like that you're the sheriff of Blogville! I feel safer already!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  2. Oh gosh nows I haves to leave another comment...hehehehe! Oh my, did I evers miss you! Shhhhhh...tells no one I said dat.
    Ummmm, I sorries your mom lied to you. You know kinda likes what happened to Mayzie. I saw aaaaaall them animals that was allowed and it just ain't right.
    I thinks a sheriff would be most appropriate cuz while you was away I became da new governor!


  3. Hi Tucker!
    Welcome back. That looks like a super vacation....did you at least get a present??


  4. I missed you, Tucker!


  5. YAY!! You're back!!! We missed you so much!!

    I'm so relieved that Ellie is all better. How scary!


  6. OHHHH Poor Ellie. I am very much glad that she is better. It was considerate of you not to tell us before since we would not get updates and we would have ALL just worried and worried.
    Welcome back buddy. It was sad without you.
    I think you should give your mom the silent treatment fur not takin you.. on what was obviously a very fun vacation with plenty places you could have gone.

  7. We is so happy you are back now Tucker!!! Clearly that cruise was a no-Tuckers allowed! Who ever heard of such a dopey thing. I know there are lots of no-Butter no-Sugar trips. What a rip-off!!!

    You make one good-looking sheriff Tucker!

    Your law-abiding Who, Sugar

  8. Hi Tucker! Thanks fur stopping by. It do be so furry nice to meet you. Your mom makes you carry your poo on hikes? My mom used to has a Great Dane like you and she do say that be a whole lot of poo. I has solved that prawblem - I neffur poo on hikes. I has to carry poo bags just in case but I neffur use them. So, seeing as you carry your own, I duss not unnerstand why you could not go on the cruise.

  9. YAY!! Welcome back Tucker!! We missed you!

  10. Welcome back, Tucker. We are sorry for Ellie and her toofs, but glad that she will be getting better now. Our Mom is jealous of that wonderful trip your Mom took - very nice. Guess she wasn't on the cruise that got stuck off the coast of California.

    Don't worry about all those unread blogs - it will feel good to just hit that mark as read and start fresh. We all have to do it sometimes.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  11. Tucker! My Dude! I was very glad to see your smiling face in my comments! Great to see you back! And your parents should have DEFINITELY taken you! I know of LOTS of time where my parents left me and I definitely could have gone. Glad you got to enter the contest! That store DOES have anti NYY stuff (EWWW), so you'll be all set! Why a NY store carries BOSTON stuff is BEYOND me!

  12. you have yummy lips :p
    the bunny looks too cute!

  13. Welcome back, Tucker! We kept your spot warm fur you while you were gone!


    PeeS.......I am soooooo happy to learn that your sissie kitty is doing betters! We have had so many blogfurrends cross da bridge or get sickie lately, that it is most wonderful to hear of GOOD news! YAY!

  14. Hey Tucker!
    Welcome back...we all missed you. I think it's fun your Mom got to go on a trip full of lots of critters, but she really should have taken you along. She might have needed protection from them all! Well, at least she's back now and Ellie is better and you are back with us. Whew, that's all good.
    Grr and Woof,

  15. We'd totally vote for you as Sheriff of Blogville! (And yes, BTW, we missed your handsome face - how could we not?!?) One thing about kitty toofies - Mr. Bufus (who was Quite Old when he crossed the bridge) hadn't had teeth (none at all) for years, and he ate just fine - dry food, wet food, you name it, he ate it with no problems. Just saying...

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus

  16. Tucker!!!!

    I am so happy you is back! I really missed you!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  17. welcomeeeeee baaaaack, tuuuuuucker!!!
    we totally 100% missed you bunches 'n tons, dude! i'm glad your kitty sis ellie is feelin' the betterment and eatin' the kibbles again. i don't know why us doggies can't go on those cruise thingies. my mama and daddy went on one in june, and me 'n asa couldn't go either. boohoo.
    i think you make a grrreat sherriff, and i'm stayin' on your good side! heehee.

    the booker man

    pee s -- heeeey...what do you mean i'm stealin' all the handsome comments? sniffers! :(

  18. There ain't no justice, Tucker. Maybe next time -- I hear Disney has a resort for pets now; maybe you can start putting the pressure of Mom and Dad now...
    - - - - - - -
    dog beds and more

  19. Of course we missed you! Welcome back. And you certainly have our vote for sheriff.

    We're glad your kittie sister Ellie is better. There's not much that can make one crankier than dinosaur disease.

    Looks like your mom went on the same trip to the same place as Miss Sunshade's parents, although possibly not on the same ship. But her parents just got home, too, so maybe they were together, dodging their doggie care duties and lounging by the pool. Miss Sunshade got some HOOOGE stuffies as guilt gifts. Hope you got some good loot, too.

    Jed & Abby

  20. Hey Tucker - I'm ONLY just catching up on your posts now - how bad is that?! Sorry to hear about Ellie's teeth but glad she's all better now! And wow - those pictures from your human's trip were just amazing! Hsin-Yi is so jealous - she'd love to go on a holiday with so many animals!! (although that weird origami towel bunny was a bit creepy...)

    Honey the Great Dane